New lease of life for Dewsbury Market

We are taking the first step in the next stage of our plans to refresh Dewsbury Town Centre as part of the North Kirklees Growth Zone regeneration project.

We are looking to appoint independent consultants

We are looking to appoint independent consultants who can use their specialist knowledge to work with local people on a plan to secure a positive future for Dewsbury market.

We recognise that the market was once a major attraction drawing in coach parties of visitors from miles around, and it remains an important aspect of the retail offer in the town.

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What’s the plan?

However, like many other markets across the country it is not as popular as it once was and in order to ensure that it can thrive long into the future, we need to develop a research based plan, and this is where the consultants come in.

Consultants will be asked to look at the physical aspects of the market and how it is used as well as gathering feedback and intelligence from traders, businesses, local residents and community groups. They will also look at what funding opportunities are available to Kirklees in the future to turn ideas generated into reality.

Other improvements we’ve made around the area

The regeneration of the market follows on from the our investment in Pioneer House and the agreement with Kirklees College to move their campus to the Dewsbury Learning Quarter. This will bring 1000s of students and potential shoppers into town to study at Pioneer house and a new facility (The Springfield Centre) across the ring road at the old Safeway site.

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Where does the funding come from?

The Dewsbury Learning Quarter is being part funded through the Leeds City Region Growth Deal, delivered by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) and the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP), supported by Kirklees Council, The Heritage Lottery Fund, and The Dewsbury Townscape Heritage Initiative.

What other projects will be invested in?

This new investment is part of a range of projects that are being planned for Dewsbury and the wider North Kirklees area over the next 10 years as part of the North Kirklees Growth Zone (NKGZ) economic regeneration initiative.

What do our councillors think?

Cllr Peter McBride, cabinet Member for Economy said:

“This is a positive and important first step in how we can work with the community and traders to secure the long term future of Dewsbury Market, and reinforces the Council’s commitment to delivering the aspirations of the North Kirklees Growth Zone.  The market has a long history with the town and is an important part of our heritage. It’s declined over the last few years, but it has the ability to deliver more for the town centre and residents, supporting our local economy. I believe that this work could result in a world class market, which as part of the wider regeneration activity, will make the town centre more appealing to residents and visitors, and encourage more people to shop, live and work in Dewsbury.”


  • Val brilliant idea I agree we need to get things moving in dewsbury. We can do long summer nights late opening where there could be a children’s play area and bazaars. Like if you go abroad there’s everything from shops to markets to bazaars opening till late. This could be done in summer where people would come out.

  • I went to the Food and Drink Festival in Huddersfield. Could we not do something like that on Dewsbury market? It could be done on a Sunday and a Bank Holiday Monday as I know Saturday is a market day, and best of all it could mostly be under cover in case of rain. Let’s use the market for other events such as Christmas/Victorian Markets,

  • Thanks Susie for getting back to me.

  • Hi Bruce

    Once the consultants have been recruited we will provide details of how people can get involved.



  • Hi Hilda, The tender will be published on Yortender – we will add a link here once it is live.



  • I am interested in submitting a proposal for this piece of work. Who do I contact please?

  • It’s fairly predictable that the word ‘consultants’ will bring a groan to the lips of most Dewsbury residents. However, that’s the way it is so let’s go with the flow.
    The first question is how do interested local parties make themselves known to the council to ensure that their opinions are heard during this process.
    I’m sharing this across to the Dewsbury Partnership and MyDewsbury FB pages – but we really need a means of collecting whatever response there might be.

  • Its really great to bring back the town I loved in my youth hope it all happens

  • Great idea but dewsbury needs a major overall like Wakefield. We need big investors to mark the start of a new generation of shopping malls. Take a look for instance wakefield trinity. Or whiterose or trinity Leeds. We need big investors and councils to get together and come up with plans. With a shopping mall and a marker like Camden market for instance it’s hard but do able and plenty jobs for locals could be created instead of a little shop here and there. Once a major project starts councils will benefit greatly.
    Ps would be fantastic.

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