Celebrating exam success in Kirklees 2017

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Students across Kirklees are celebrating great news in their A-Levels and equivalent vocational education results.

It has been another highly successful year for young people in the district, with a Kirklees average A level pass rate of 98.8% which is above the national average pass rate of 97.9%. Vocational results are again strong in Kirklees with many institutions reporting 100% pass rates for their students. These young people are a credit to the district and their families.

Cllr Masood Ahmed Cabinet Member for Children said:

“I am very proud of the hard work and dedication that young people across Kirklees have demonstrated in order to achieve their results. Of course our excellent schools and colleges play a huge part in supporting their students to achieve the results they need to progress to the next stage of their education. They are committed to ensuring that each child receives the right help to achieve their individual goals.

We should all be celebrating another year of excellent results as it is these young people who will have a central role in supporting the economic resilience of our communities, ensuring Kirklees remains a wonderful place to live, learn and work.”


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  • Excellent news of Kirklees students’ achievements. Now, Kirklees, may we have three important pieces of information that any of our A-Level Maths students will tell you that we require to understand the above –
    1) the meaning of the phrase, “average A-level pass rate”;
    2) the standard deviation of the Kirklees average;
    3) the standard deviation of the national average.

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