Let’s talk about Council Tax

We are carrying out a consultation into our council tax reduction scheme. The scheme, which allows people who reach specific criteria to pay less council tax, costs us £28.8m a year.

We are looking at ways to reduce this cost by £1m, and we want any changes to be as fair as possible, and to do this, we need to know what people think we should do.

Who does the scheme support?

The scheme supports people on low incomes, and we understand that this is a hard cute to make. The changes could affect a range of working age people, but low income pensioners are protected, and are not affected by the proposed changes.

Cllr Graham Turner

Cllr Graham Turner, Cabinet member for resources said:

“We continue to have to make some very difficult decisions, we know that for many people the council tax reduction scheme provides much needed relief. However due to continuing austerity we have to take some difficult decisions to balance our books as our funding continues to decrease.

We are not looking to remove support from protected groups; and by carrying out this consultation and considering all options, we are demonstrating our commitment to do all we can to look after our most vulnerable residents and those on low or fixed incomes.

As councillors we will take it into account the views gathered in this consultation before deciding whether the council tax reduction scheme should alter and how.”

What are we currently considering?

Options we are considering include simplifying the scheme to reduce administration and benefit costs; reducing the maximum amount of savings residents can hold to still qualify for support; or changing the level of support certain groups of people can receive.

Get involved

The consultation is open now, and you can get involved by visiting: http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/counciltaxsurvey – closes on the 15 October 2017.


  • Why are low income pensioners exempt from any changes? I mean, if you’re going to go after war vets and widows, single parents, and the disabled, arguably the most vulnerable and poorest people in our society, why not make a clean sweep of it and reduce pensioners’ subsidy too?

    Instead, why not ask well-off people who use more services to pay more? Like high earners with 4+ children?

  • Often? Please give supporting evidence.

  • As a pensioner who does not qualify for any subsidy I would rather see Council Tax rise a little across the board than see those who are already in need receive less subsidy.

  • Houses with multiple occupancy should receive No reduction. Often they are full of people on benefits who have up to 6 cars in the household.

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