Share your views on support

Two consultations on possible changes to the way we support local people began on Monday 4 September 2017.

The changes being consulted on would affect children of school age, older people, adults with disabilities and children with disabilities or special educational needs (SEN).

No decisions will be made until after the consultations which will last for seven weeks.

What are the proposals are about?

  • Short breaks for parents/carers of children with additional needs
  • Early Years services for children with SEN or disabilities
  • Transport funded by social care
  • Home to school transport for school-aged children

Consultation One

Changes to short breaks

We offer a range of opportunities where carers can take a break while children enjoy activities which boost their health and social life.

We are looking for you views about current services and help children, young people and their carers to shape what is offered in future.

To ensure that families continue receiving support which meets their needs, no changes would be made without an individual review.

Changes to learning support 

We also want to know what you think about learning support provided to young children with SEN or disabilities.  We are considering different ways of operating the access fund, which offers extra funding to childcare providers who are caring for a child with SEN or disabilities.

Changes to transport

The third part of the first consultation covers how we help people with transport when they have assessed social care needs. This might include an adult with a disability who goes to a day centre, or a disabled child on a short break.

The proposal is to change the way this is funded and make sure transport is provided fairly for all ages.

Want to take part in this consultation?

Complete the online survey on short breaks, early years and transport 

Consultation Two

Changes to home to school transport for school-aged children

Some children and young people qualify for free transport from home to school.

However we currently provide transport for some children who are not eligible for this service. As a result, the consultation will ask for your views on providing the service only for children and young people who qualify under the national guidelines. This would bring Kirklees into line with many other local authorities.

Want to share your views on home to school transport?

complete the online survey on home to school transport.

Drop in sessions

We are holding a number of sessions where you can drop in and find out more about the proposals and share your views:

20 September (10am -noon) – Dewsbury Customer Service Centre
21 September (2pm – 4pm) – Huddersfield Customer Service Centre
26 September (5pm-7pm) – Huddersfield Town Hall
28 September (5pm-7pm) – Dewsbury Town Hall