Local Plan reaches public examination stage

A planning inspector will begin her public examination of our Local Plan next week.

What will this involve?

It will involve a four stage process where the inspector scrutinises different aspects of the plan and invites views from members of the public and groups who have submitted their comments.

Although the examination is public, the planning inspectors Kate Child and Elizabeth Hill, will invite the participants to the discussions.

The Local Plan was submitted to Government in April, alongside the Community Infrastructure Levy proposal which will lay out developer contributions to the district linked to the impact of their proposals.

What are the stages of the examination?

The four stages agreed by the inspector so far are:

  • Stage 1- Legal and Procedural, issues, strategy, green belt with hearings from week beginning 9 October and week beginning 16 October
  • Stage 2- Minerals and waste, hearings in weeks beginning 13 November and 20 November
  • Stage 3- Planning policies – hearings in weeks beginning 11 December and 18 December
  • Stage 4- Site allocations and designations on dates to be set in early 2018

Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Cllr Peter McBride, said:

“The timescale and order of enquiry is decided by the inspector, equally she will invite the interested parties she would like to inform the process. There is the possibility that further hearings might be likely after the four stages we are aware of, if the Local Plan document needs to be modified to be found sound.

“Hearings on the Community Infrastructure Levy will be separate, but are likely to last only a couple of days. All the hearings will be in public and we expect will be covered by social media.

“The task is to ensure the Local Plan is legal and sound – this is a normal part of the process.”



  • The Labour Council do not like the thinking people who live in the Tory voting area. They just like the Council Tax they can get out of us, for the Labour areas that do have things done. It is another reason for them allowing new housing to flood the Holme/Colne Valley. Executive homes for Council Tax, more money for the Council to waste on non essentials.

  • What was the point of all the meetings when the Labour Party members were always going to stitch up Tory voting areas

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