Nuisance bikes campaign success

A summer campaign to tackle nuisance and off road bikes has been hailed a success.

Why was the campaign carried out?

We carried out an operation with our colleagues in the police due to the high number of calls received from the local community about off road bikes.

What was done as part of the campaign?

Increased patrols were conducted across Kirklees and the outcome included 12 bikes being seized. There has also been a huge fall in the number of reports concerning nuisance bikes and quads on the road.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, Kirklees Cabinet member for Community Safety, said:

“We work closely with other organisations, including the police, to tackle nuisance and make our communities as safe as possible.

“This operation has been a major success in reducing disruption and anti-social behaviour.”

Inspector Mohammed Rauf of West Yorkshire Police said:

“I would like to encourage anyone who has information regarding the use of off-road bikes or anti-social behaviour to contact the police. In particular, any details or descriptions of the riders themselves, the bikes and the locations where they are seen or kept, to assist with our enquiries to tackle this issue”

Anyone with any information about nuisance or off road bikes on the District roads is asked to contact the police via 101.

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