Play Strategy Consultation

Play strategy

During October Kirklees Council will be asking for people’s views on play.  The views will help them to further develop the plans in their play strategy which was presented to cabinet on 27 June 2017.

The strategy aims to make sure everyone has the opportunity to play outdoors, and encourages wild adventurous play in addition to equipped play – both of which contribute to development.

Why are we asking about play?

Play is a vital part of our everyday lives, not only is it fun, it is also important for our physical health, mental well-being and social interaction.

We want to encourage people to play wherever possible and give you the chance to play in new, exciting and more creative ways.

What is Wild Play?

Wild play is all about encouraging exploration, imagination and discovery through interaction with nature.  It combines manufactured equipment with more natural elements of play.

Wild play spaces are designed to stimulate our natural curiosity, imagination, wonder and discovery as well as helping people connect with nature.

Play in natural spaces challenges children to explore their own abilities, and learn about safety and risk taking.

Who can get involved?

We want to know how, why and where people like to play as well as gaining a better understanding of the current and potential play opportunities that exist within Kirklees.

The council wants to hear from everybody who uses play spaces whether they are a child, young person or adult.

Where can I learn more?

Read the draft play strategy

Fill in the online survey about your experiences of play.

You can also attend one of our workshops – please note you are welcome to bring children.

  • Thursday 12 Oct – Mirfield Library, 6pm – 8pm
  • Monday 16 Oct – Pentland Infant & Nursery School, Dewsbury, 4pm – 5pm and 6pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday 18 Oct – Cleckheaton Town Hall, 6pm – 8pm
  • Thursday 19 Oct – Bagshaw Museum, Batley, 6pm – 8pm
  • Monday 23 Oct – Longwood Mechanics Hall, 6pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday 25 Oct – Slaithwaite Civic Hall, 6pm – 8pm
  • Thursday 26 Oct – Holmfirth Civic Hall, 6pm-8pm
  • Monday 30 Oct – Carlisle Institute, Meltham, 6pm – 8pm
  • Wednesday 1 Nov – Skelmanthorpe Council Offices, 6pm – 8pm
  • Thursday 2 Nov – All Saints Catholic College, Bradley, 6pm-8pm
  • Tuesday 7 Nov – Shelly Village Hall, 6pm-8pm
  • Wednesday 8 Nov – Kirkburton Library, 6pm-8pm
  • Thursday 9 Nov – Firth Park Pavilion, Heckmondwike, 6-8pm
  • Monday 13 Nov – Dewsbury Town Hall, 6pm-8pm
  • Thursday 16 Nov – Huddersfield Town Hall, 6pm-7pm, 7.30-8.30pm
  • Monday 20 Nov – Jo Cox House, Batley, 1-2pm, 6-7pm and 7.30-8.30pm

At the workshops there will be an introduction to the draft play strategy and description of the aims focus groups and what we want to achieve in these sessions. Then there will be a chance to ask questions before people attending are split into groups to discuss play areas in each ward area. You can see a bit more about what to expect on the Parks and Green Spaces Facebook page.

What next?

The information we gather will be used to influence the overall philosophy  and how it is delivered going forward.

The final draft strategy will then be presented to the council’s cabinet before any decisions are made.


  • Parks need to be accessable to children of all ages. Pre-school children need a safe protected environment where they can use a manufactured play area protected by metal railings WITH a gate to contain them within the play area and dogs out.

    Other swings, wood climbing frames, trees to climb, enough seating to meet and chat with friends, litter bins sited around all aspects of the parks to reduce litter spoilage plus cctv to tackle and reduce acts of vandalism.

  • Outdoor play is important for children of all ages. Kirklees council need to support children with the facilities that are there for them now but are been taken away. CVHS has the use of The Peter Brook Centre in Wales which provides an outdoor learning environment, and also offers the opportunity for children to interact on a social/emotional level.

  • Don’t sell any green space to builders, academy schools under PPI eg all allotments need to be kept ‘ sacred’- this is high priority . Evidence of this has been around for a long time, well all need space to play, be in nature and learn its wisdom

  • A splendid idea, and I thoroughly encourage it. We should encourage people to take risks within reason, without needing to fill in risk assessment forms to make sure everyone else’s back is covered!
    Supervision and safety need to be considered but when taken to the extreme, the fun will be removed and there will be little point in pursuing this. I wish you luck.

  • Structured play is not real life, sadly councils seem to think learning about nature should be learned in a manufactured environment. More should be made of learning about nature in the real world. Maybe working with wildlife and nature charities. It is stupid to think that everything in nature revolved around a structured artificial environment.

  • Structured play is not real life, sadly councils seem to think learning about nature should be learned in a manufactured environment. More should be made of learning about make in the real world. Maybe enemy working with wildlife and nature charities. It is deaf to think that everything revolved around a structured artificial environment.

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