New plan to help Huddersfield thrive as a town centre

A new plan has been drawn up to help Huddersfield retain a thriving and successful town centre. A series of recommendations will be discussed by Kirklees councillors, who are being asked to approve them at the next meeting of Full Council.

The recommendations have come from the ‘Town Centre Working Party’, an all-party group which was set to look at the challenges facing our town centres and the ways Huddersfield could develop its appeal.

What did the working party gather?

The working party sought the views of many people, such as retailers, businesses, leisure providers and the University of Huddersfield, and considered issues including business trends, transport, safety, local environment, town centre housing and the evening and night-time economy.

Their recommendations include:

  • Develop an evening economy so that the town is vibrant until 9pm
  • Improvements to car parking and signage
  • Develop shopping as one element of leisure activity in an attractive environment
  • Close working between the council, the university and Huddersfield Town Football Club
  • Develop a vision for the town which is led by local business

Cllr Carole Pattison, who chaired the working party, said:

“Huddersfield is no different and we were asked to examine ways that the town could remain a great place in which to live, work, shop and spend our free time.

It’s recognised that the council and its partners already do a huge amount to promote the town centre and make it attractive, diverse and welcoming.

Huddersfield has a proud history, it’s a unique place with friendly people, and we all share the same ambition to both tackle its issues and enhance its reputation.

Having studied evidence and listened to people’s views, the working party have come up with recommendations which we feel can make Huddersfield an even more exciting town centre.

Our report is honest and it makes clear that there are problems to address. However, the town can also capitalise on many opportunities, especially with planned investment from the private sector, a hugely popular university and Yorkshire’s only Premier League football club.”

Full report

See the full report here:

The working party’s report will be discussed at Full Council on 11 October 2017.


  • I recently moved to Huddersfield and brought my business here, I must say I have been shocked at the lack of opportunities for businesses. There is a real lack of ambition at various steps of the business growth ladder. Huddersfield needs more than just money, it needs ideas that address the needs that will make use of the potential. I visited Halifax yesterday and it is further ahead, more ambitous. In addition to that it is a far more competitive and cost effective business environment. Frankly I am terrfied of expanding here.

  • Our Town Centre is on its backside and is in urgent need of investment both from the private sector and greedy and short sighted Kirklees Council. As an independent business owner in the town centre for 18 years paying extortionate business rates I think I have the right to have my say here.

  • Hi Paul

    lots of work is going on in Dewsbury as part of the North Kirklees Growth Zone project. You might find this document interesting: North Kirklees Growth Zone

  • Why not have a similar working party for Dewsbury to try stem the downward spiral which could become terminal..

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