Walk to school month

Research has shown that a generation ago 70% of children walked to school, now that figure has dropped to less than 50%. To celebrate walk to school month, we’ve come up with some tips that will help you ditch the drive to school. Even if you can’t walk all the way, how about parking further away than normal, you’ll still reap the benefits.

  • Contribute to a cleaner environment and spend less money on petrol
  • Ease congestion and teach children road safety awareness
  • Healthier lifestyle and happier children

What can you do to make the journey more enjoyable?

How can we make sure it’s safe?

  • Check that the route you’re taking to school is safe and that there are plenty of safe places to cross the road
  • Wrap up warm if it’s cold and wear bright coloured clothing to make sure your child can be seen
  • If your child has a mobile phone – make sure they don’t use it when near the road

Need more inspiration to get walking? Take a look at Living Street’s award winning video:

To find out more about international walk to school month visit the living streets website.

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