Staying safe when using taxis in Kirklees

The purpose of Taxi licensing is to safeguard the fare paying, travelling public by making sure that vehicles are safe, reliable and comfortable, operators are efficient and that drivers are considered suitable.

What systems are in place?

• All new drivers need to have a criminal background check carried out before they are considered for a licence
• All new drivers must perform a medical, to make sure they’re fit, so they can do their job
• Of course, all our drivers must pass a driving test
• Our licensing team train our drivers in issues such as road safety, and have to pass another exam to become a licenced driver
• Existing drivers have criminal checks, and medical check ups redone, at specific intervals
• Our vehicles must pass an annual compliance test, which is like an MOT with some additional checks.

What do we do with those who don’t always follow the rules?

We investigate ALL complaints about driving standards, driver behaviour and vehicle conditions. While we are more than happy with the standard of the vast majority of the drivers, and vehicles we licence – the council can (and does), suspend and revoke licences for both drivers, and vehicles, where the safety of the public is put at risk.

Protecting yourself while travelling around Kirklees

Whether you’re using a taxi, or Private Hire vehicle, it is important that you protect yourself. Kirklees Council urges everyone to only use a vehicle that is a properly licenced Hackney or Private Hire vehicle.

Checking that the vehicle is licenced:

There will be a plate on the rear of the vehicle, which indicates whether or not is has been licenced by Kirklees. Don’t ever be tempted to get into a vehicle that doesn’t have this plate on, as it’s probably not licenced. If you are using a Private Hire vehicle, only use the one that you have pre-booked, the only vehicles you should use without pre-booking are our distinctive white Hackney’s, which also have a sign saying ‘Taxi’ on the roof.

If you are concerned whether or not the driver is licenced, then please ask to see his/her licenced ID badge, which will have his/her picture on. He/she shouldn’t mind you asking as they are required to wear it at all times when they are working.

Concerned about driving standards or standard of the vehicle?

If you’re concerned about your driver’s driving, or the standard of the vehicle – please inform the driver at the time and the operator (Taxi firm), if it’s a pre-booked journey. If you are not happy with the response, or you have serious concerns about any licenced driver or vehicle – please report it to Kirklees Council. You can email our licencing department at or call 01484 456868.

Please provide us with (if possible):
• Vehicle registration number
• Vehicle plate number
• Driver’s badge/licence number
• Your own details in case we need to contact you for further information, or let you know about the outcome of our investigation.


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