Bin collection dates for Christmas

This Christmas, there will be no bin collections between December 25 and January 1 inclusive – but bins due to be collected during this week will be emptied the week after.

This means the longest most people will go without a collection is three weeks.

The only change in collection day will be for those on a Monday collection. There is no collection on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, but the January 1 collection will instead take place on Friday January 5. Collections will return to Monday for affected people the week after, with the alternate bin being emptied on January 8.

Full details of collections over the Christmas period and for 2018 can be found on the council website at where residents will also be able to download a printable calendar.

People can also sign up for reminders, so they know which bin to put out, by signing up at

People who are unable to access the internet can visit one of our customer service centres or their local library and information centre where a member of staff will be able to assist.

Cllr Musarrat Khan, Cabinet member for Corporate Services, said:

“Christmas holidays always provide a challenge for our waste collection schedule, but we try to limit the amount of time between collections whilst allowing our staff time off to spend with their families.

“We make it as simple as possible for people to know when to put out their bin. This year we have managed to ensure the vast majority of people will only go three weeks.

“To ensure we continue using our resources as effectively as possible, we have also made the decision not to spend additional money on printing and posting timetables to every household. This will save the council – and in turn the tax payer – almost £50,000.

“All the information can be found quickly and easily on our website, or better still delivered directly to you via our bin reminder service – I would encourage anyone to sign up if they haven’t already done so.

“As we approach the festive season and an influx of gifts, packaging and food waste, it is worth looking for ways to reuse and recycle the things you no longer need.

“Our household waste recycling centres take a range of items or, if you have a larger item to recycle, you can book a bulky waste collection for a small charge.

“Of course, people can also get into the spirit of goodwill by donating to charity. There is helpful advice on our website at”


  • Hi Arunas

    Please visit



  • Where i can find the bin collection dates for address WF13 4AL, please?

  • Hi

    You can find your bin collection dates at



  • Hi Janine,

    Bin men will take a bag or two of side waste left at the side of your grey bin on your first collection after the Christmas holidays.



  • Will the Bin men be taking extra black bags that are next to the bin?

  • Margare t Baverstock

    When are you emptying grey bins at HD7 5DX

  • Hi can’t believe u are not emptying our bins

  • Totally disgusting to leave bins so long especially over an Xmas period when people have more rubbish anyway. So as the collections are suppose to be fortnightly I take it everyone is getting a rebate for the inconvenience and having to take rubbish to the recycling centres themselves this to prevent vermin in the bin.

  • It’s ridiculous that from 18th to 22nd of this December 2017 you only emptied green why not do grey as well I know grey wasn’t due till week after but since it’s xmas and you won’t collect grey , you should have done it same week as green.

  • Hi Sue

    You can find your collection dates online at

    The household waste site opening times are as follows

    Opening times for household waste recycling centres

    Winter (GMT):
    Weekdays 8am to 4pm
    Saturday 8am to 4pm
    Sunday 9am to 4pm
    Christmas Day Closed
    Boxing Day Closed
    New Year’s Day Closed

    Kind regards


  • You say that the longest time between bin collections is 3 weeks. My grey bin is a Monday collection and was last collected on 11 Dec and should again be collected on 25 Dec but due to being Christmas Day it is not. Your post states that collections due on the 1 Jan will instead be collected on Fri 5 Jan and the alternate one on Mon 8 Jan. Does this mean that my grey bin will be collected on 5 or 8 Jan?? Either way, that is more like 4 weeks without a collection, not 3! I understand that people enjoy Christmas off, so do I. Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury and will be working during the holiday and probably spending the rest of my time queuing at the local dump – that is, if it is open?$!!@#*

  • Hi Florence,

    Can you send your address to me at and I will ask the service to look into getting your address added.



  • Hi

    I am very disappointed and angry , how am I going to manage with that much rubbish?

    Is it ok to leave all the rubbish in grey bags (for grey bin) outside the wall and they can be collected with the grey bin collection on your preferred day ?
    Are you going to take the blame for the rotting rubbish/ smell and the possibility of rubbish on the streets and roads?
    Why do I pay the council tax for??
    Can’t you collect it earlier?

    From Heckmondwike
    West Yorkshire

  • Apparently my house is not recognised.shall have to remember this fact when council tax is due!!

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