Bracing ourselves for cold weather

Kirklees is on the edge of a Met Office amber warning for snow this Sunday (10 December 2017), so it’s best to prepare. This article is a summary of all the information you may need.


We post all the latest updates about gritting- including when and where we are gritting- on our winter twitter and our winter page on our website. We also have a handy winter driving checklist, it’s well worth a look. Here are a few of the gritting statistics from 2016/17:

  • We look after 1,200 miles of network and grit 53% of this network
  • We start every season with 25,000 tons of grit
  • Last year we used a total of 11,598 tons of salt

This video we made explains how we plan when we need to grit the roads, and why just because you don’t see a gritter it doesn’t mean we’re not gritting:


Emergency numbers (out of hours)

24 hour adverse weather line – 01484 414888
We will support anyone who is identified as at risk because of adverse weather conditions. If you can’t get to an urgent hospital appointment, and it can’t be postponed, ask the hospital to ring this number to ask for our help.

KNH – emergency repairs – 01484 414850

Keeping warm tips

We have an article that gives you lots of tips on how to stay warm this winter. Make sure to follow the tips in order to prevent bad health such as strokes and breathing problems.

Helping vulnerable people

Be a good neighbour this winter. Older people are particularly vulnerable during cold weather, especially when it snows. If you live next door to someone elderly or not very mobile, be a good neighbour by checking on them regularly to make sure they have enough heating, food and medicine.



  • Thank you for the information regarding gritting of the roads. I live in (address removed to protect identity) Cleckheaton. This road is currently covered in black ice. This is the third time in a few days we have had this problem. As I look out now, the ice has been covered with a layer of snow. The majority of residents are quite elderly and are trapped in their homes because the road and footpaths are so dangerous. I would be very grateful if you could arrange for the road, and adjoining roads to be gritted. Many thanks. Ann Rhodes

    • Hi Ann

      Thanks for getting in touch, your street is not on a gritting route, but you should have a grit bin near by (we have 1450 across the district) but if not it might be worth speaking to your Local Councillor to get one moved.

      We grit 53% of our 1200 miles of roads (the national average is 41%). We can’t grit all our roads as it would take too long and many of them are too narrow for the gritter, our priority route is made up of main roads and bus routes and steep roads leading to these routes you can see the route at: Gritting Routes.



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