Recycling at Christmas time

After all the food is eaten and all the presents are opened over this festive season, we are usually left with a lot of rubbish. Find out the best ways for you to dispose your waste this Christmas.

Glass Recycling

Remember to use the bottle banks to recycle any empty bottles from your Christmas celebrations. Find your nearest one.

Household and waste recycling centres

There will be no bin collections between 25 December and 1 January this year, but our household waste recycling centres are open everyday apart from the bank holidays. But you need a valid permit to visit the HWRC, so remember to apply or renew your permit if it has expired.

The opening times for our household waste recycling centres are:

Open from 8am to 4pm (Monday to Saturday) and 9am to 4pm (Sunday)


  • Monday 25th December (Christmas Day)
  • Tuesday 26th December (Boxing Day)
  • Monday 1st January (New Year’s Day)

Christmas trees

Please remember to recycle your Christmas trees at your local household waste recycling centre. Alternatively, you can make a booking with our bulky waste collection team for a £5 fee and we’ll collect it from your usual collection point.

Wrapping paper and Christmas cards

Please recycle your Christmas cards and wrapping paper, but remember that glitter, foil and ribbon needs to be pulled of and put in your grey bin. Once all of this has been removed the cards and wrapping paper can be put in your green bin.

Cardboard packaging

Please recycle your cardboard boxes in the green bin, but remember that all internal packaging such as bubble wrap, styrofoam beads and other plastic packaging goes in your grey bin.


All of your foil should go in your grey waste bin. This is because, unfortunately, we can’t check if it’s clean and therefore cannot send it for recycling at this time.

Food leftovers

To find out how you can waste less food, help the environment and save money, look at the Love Food Hate Waste website.



  • Hi Judith

    You can find your bin collection dates online by entering your address at



  • Can you tell me the bin collection dates in 2018 for HD2 2PE

  • Hi Rob, thanks for your comment. We constantly review options for taking a greater amount of items to recycle, and we would love to recycle all plastics in the future.

    Unfortunately at the moment there are plastics that we cannot take for recycling – tetra Paks, tubs and trays for example.

    These go to our energy from waste plant in Huddersfield where they are turned into electricity. These are not landfilled.



  • Hi Jean
    Thanks for your comment. unfortunately we can’t recycle aluminium foil, as the foil needs to be clean in order to be recycled. Unfortunately foil is often put out for recycling that is all scrunched up and contaminated with food residue and other items. It is not possible for us to sort every bit of foil and ensure only the clean foil is recycled. So we have to say no to all foil at present.



  • Thanks for the info. What about plastic film and tetra packs ? Other authorities recycle these.

  • can you please suggest where clean aluminium foil can be taken to have it recycled in our area?

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