Art Lectures on the illustrators

Art historian, Simon Poë is continuing his popular art lectures at Bagshaw Museum, Batley. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about art history or who has an interest in illustrated books.

His latest series of lectures in the new year will look at 19th and 20th Century British artists best known for their illustration work.

The lectures will consider the likes of Sir John Tenniel, who worked for Punch and illustrated Alice in Wonderland, and Aubrey Beardsley who was a leading figure in the Decadent movement.

He will also look at some of the giants of the ‘golden age’ such as Arthur Rackham, best known for his illustrations for classic fiction and children’s literature, and Edmund Dulac, the French-born, British-naturalized magazine and book illustrator.

Simon said:

“After several series of lectures on ‘fine’ artists whose work was intended to stand on its own, I thought it might be interesting to explore the relationship between the text and the pictures in illustrated books.

“In many of these, words and images enhance one another so that they become ‘more than the sum of their parts’. In the best of them, the words and images are unimaginable without one another. What would A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh be without E.H. Shepard’s illustrations, or Shepard’s pictures without Milne’s stories?

“Some genuinely great artists have done this sort of work, a few of them famous, many not. Everyone has their favourites – often remembered from childhood – and we will renew our acquaintance with some of those old friends. But I hope that everyone will discover some new enthusiasms as well.”

He is presenting ‘Word and Image: The Illustrators’ lectures on Sundays 14 and 28 January and 18 February, all starting at 2pm.

Admission to each lecture is £3.50; no booking required.

For more information:

Contact Bagshaw Museum, Wilton Park, Batley, tel: 01924 324765.

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