Bradley masterplan to go before Cabinet

Our Cabinet members will be asked to agree a masterplan for housing alongside a sports and leisure hub at Bradley when they meet next week.

What’s included in the plan?

The plan includes plans for 1,500 homes, with continuing provision for golf and with new 3G sports pitches, as well as other community infrastructure.

More than 40% of the site has been retained as greenspace, and the housing would be complemented by a wide range of wider community facilities including a new primary school to serve the wider community, a new local centre to provide services, and infrastructure improvements to connect into the main roads and motorway network.

More about potential golf provision at Bradley

The plan also outlines how building would be phased to ensure that there is no break in the golf provision, a course will be accessible at all times.

The final scheme includes a nine hole golf course, using some of the existing holes, a floodlit golf driving range, two full size 3G sports pitches and a new club house and changing facilities with parking.

The report to councillors outlines the scheme, and the positive discussions which have taken place with Sport England and England Golf.

How councillors are involved

Local ward councillors in the area have asked for further input into any final scheme, and Cabinet members will be asked to endorse the plans so they can move forward.

Cllr Musarrat Khan, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, said:

“The proposed masterplan for the site sensitively balances the need for new housing with the need to create a new community, including a new sports hub which retains some dedicated golf provision and other facilities. I am confident that the principles set out will create a positive environment to encourage people to lead physically active lifestyles.”

Joint portfolio holder Cllr Graham Turner added:

“These new homes are vital to support the economic growth of the district – I believe we have reached a good balance between sports and leisure provision and building a new community. And by working with local ward members now and in the future I am sure we will be able to provide much needed homes and the infrastructure to support the new homes.”


  • You are destroying the only Municipal Golf Course in Kirklees, a course where its good reputation is known outside Kirklees. No doubt the 1500 homes will have higher Council Tax revenues than within the brownfield areas. You are giving the developersd exactly what they want. Consider the views of the people who elect you not the housing developers

  • I have not seen the plans, but 1500 homes in that space is grossly excessive, and will put further pressure on the infrastructure which is already over-burdoned. 3G golf courses are a mad idea. Time to think again Kirklees

  • You are again using greenfield/greenbelt for housing instead of using the brown field sites in and around Huddersfield Town Centre. Huddersfield will never be a thriving town until the Councillors and Planning Department stop seeing pounds signs in their eyes. All you are doing is making Huddersfield and surrounding areas into dormitories. People will work away in the week, taking any spending to were they work. Very shortsighted on your part Councillors/Planning Department.
    I do have an idea for you to consider, why don’t you flatten Huddersfield Town Centre and build housing, just think of all the pounds signs you would get from that!!!

  • Yet another destruction of our Green spaces just like the destruction of Lindley Moor; our council and councillors are so short-sighted and do not care about the residents of Kirklees.

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