All rough sleepers offered a bed during current bad weather

Due to the current weather, we are currently providing a bed for anyone sleeping rough in Kirklees.

Today we have activated what is called our ‘Severe Weather Emergency Protocol’ (SWEP) which aims to prevent deaths on the streets in severe weather.

With forecasts over the weekend looking bad, we’re keeping SWEP active until at least Monday 22 January, when we will review it based on the new forecasts.

If you know or meet anyone who is in this situation please contact us on the numbers below, and spread the word so that other people are aware too:

Out of hours – Emergency Duty Service 01484 414933


Weekday between 9 and 5pm – Housing Solutions Service – 01484 221350

Every person who is given a bed through SWEP is visited by a housing officer the next morning, to talk them through their options and discuss how they can get longer term help.

This is the third time we have activated SWEP this winter, so far 16 people have taken up the offer. 


  • Hi Pam

    Under SWEP we provide a bed for the night, then the following morning we encourage those who took up a bed to engage with a Housing Solutions Officer, who visits Clare House, to assess their housing needs.

    If they are not ready to engage with housing solutions, our partners at the mission and the welcome centre both offer somewhere they can go and get warm and have a chat.



  • will they be able to stay in the warmth through the day or will they still have to sit out in the cold?

  • Good afternoon,

    If you see a homeless person or someone who looks to be sleeping rough you can let the relevant people know where they are, and when you saw them through Street Link.

    The app alerts the council’s housing solutions team and their partner organisation who can go and check what, if any, help the person needs.

    Our colleagues in housing solutions work all year to support people at risk of becoming homeless or who are already rough sleeping. The council is committed to helping people to permanently get off the streets. They can provide support and emergency accommodation for eligible people who finds themselves homeless. They also have access to a 20 bed facility called Clare House which is available via referral from housing solutions.

    In very cold weather (below freezing) they have additional facilities available for people who have nowhere to sleep, so regardless of their situation everyone can be kept safe and warm.

    Kind regards


  • Well done Kirklees. Proud of your initiative. Makes me proud to live in Kirklees.

  • This should run all year rough sleepers are not for Christmas or winter they need help 27. 7 don’t you think?

  • Brilliant idea will they provide transport or bus fare to get to the place

  • An awesome initiative
    I just wish it could be extended through the year

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