Temperatures are low, so we’re offering a bed to rough sleepers in Kirklees [SWEP ACTIVE]

UPDATE: Due to continued cold temperatures, SWEP is remaining active throughout until at least the morning of Wednesday 14 February and we will reassess Tuesday morning.

The weather forecast shows that temperatures are staying below freezing on Sunday 4 Feb and staying low for a few days. With this in mind we’ll be providing a bed for anyone sleeping rough in Kirklees from Sunday 4 Feb.  We’ll review it throughout the week, when we get the forecast to see if it needs extending.

This is called our ‘Severe Weather Emergency Protocol’ (SWEP) and it aims to prevent deaths on the streets in severe weather.

If you know or meet anyone who will be sleeping rough during this time please contact us on the numbers below, and spread the word so that other people are aware too:

Out of hours/weekend – Emergency Duty Service 01484 414933


Weekday between 9 and 5pm – Housing Solutions Service – 01484 221350

Useful to know…

– SWEP has the potential to change a life – every person who is given a bed through SWEP is visited by a housing officer the next morning, to talk them through their options and discuss how they can get longer term help.

– SWEP is helping to prevent deaths – this is the fourth time we have activated SWEP this winter, so far 18 different people have taken up the offer, some stayed 1 night, others up to 4.

– Some people just are not ready – if people are not ready to accept the help through SWEP our partners at the mission and the welcome centre both offer somewhere they can go and get warm and have a chat.

– We allow pets wherever possible – although there are a small number of places we work with where pets can’t go. In all cases, we take this into considering when we allocate emergency accommodation.

– We are committed to helping people to permanently get off the streets – our colleagues in housing solutions work all year to support people at risk of becoming homeless or who are already rough sleeping. We provide support and emergency accommodation for eligible people who finds themselves homeless.

– You can help the homeless at any time – if you see a homeless person or someone who looks to be sleeping rough you can let the relevant people know where they are, and when you saw them through Street Link. The app alerts the council’s housing solutions team and their partner organisation who can go and check what, if any, help the person needs.



  • Hi Simon, everyone who takes up the offer of a bed for the night during SWEP is then visited the next morning by one of our Housing Solutions Officer to talk about a longer term solution to get them off the streets and to a point where they do have a bed every night ^VH

  • Hi Caroline, we shared the info earlier on Friday on social media and on here (it’s just the news bulletin that goes out at 7pm). There’s an out of hours number on the article so that people can still get help outside the 9 to 5. Hope this helps ^VH

  • Hi Judy, thanks for your comment – we do always share it to Facebook, it’s here from last Friday https://www.facebook.com/liveinkirklees/posts/1617902441578376 and lots of people have shared it so far ^VH

  • Good to hear. This should be posted on Facebook in order for local groups to pass on to homeless in their area

  • Why are beds not available every night?

  • It is a shame this was sent out at 7pm on a Friday night when the majority of staff have left work and will not return until Monday morning.

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