Kirklees Council agrees 6% Council Tax rise

Kirklees Council has agreed a Council Tax rise of 6% in its annual budget meeting.

What does this mean?

This will mean an increase of £5.33 a month on a Band A property.

How did councillors vote?

Members of the Labour group voted for their Cabinet proposals, with Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Green Party councillors voting against.

In proposing the motion, Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Shabir Pandor said the budget would allow protection of services to the most vulnerable, with investment in town centres and in street cleaning.

Opposition groups said the budget lacked vision and would not tackle some of the most pressing issues in the district, including acting as a catalyst for improving the local economy and supporting some of the most vulnerable communities.

Council Tax figures

A 6% council tax rise, which includes 3% for the adult social care precept element, will generate approximately £9.7 million in 2018/19.

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  • The Labour hold in this area are bringing people down. Even if you don’t like most of the Conservatives agenda please vote for them in the next GE in May. I moved from a Conservative area in a working class area of the Midlands. A majority is needed in our council of Kirklees to get things done. A hung council will never agree to a thing. The MP’s we have at the moment in Parliament are a good example where no one has the majority so nothing gets sorted. Ever been in a committee where no one agrees on anything? It’s the same going on in council chambers. I still can’t understand why we, as home owners, have to pay Adult Social Precept £106.33 in our case. If either of us have to go into a care home we will have to sell our house to pay for our care which at around £1000 per month, or perhaps more, not sure, our money won’t last long. Why should we pay this which was inc,used in our Council tax Bill? As pensioners where are we supposed to find this money from.

    Barry, have you got a water meter. We found our water bills cheaper for having a meter and we don’t skimp, dishwasher, washer, shower, baths and endless filling of the kettle for a cuppa.

    I notice from all the comments on this Kirklees page there isn’t any answers from any of the council members. That would help. Don’t just let these comments sit here doing nothing. Read what the people are saying.

  • Its a disgrace, I will not vote for labour in may, and what about a 4.2% increase in my water bill, this year I will be paying £827.48p and Im not in a high council tax band. God gave us life to live as joyful people but how is it possible to be joyful when after paying utility, council tax, central government tax and national insurance, rent, mortgage, food etc, etc with nothing left over to be joyful with. This country is a disgrace, all it wants is your money, the rest doesn’t matter anymore to those in authority. My father recently passed away, we are in the process of selling his house, Leeds City Council have told me that we have to pay full council tax for an unoccupied house, its a disgrace. Rant over

  • How many people in kirklees actually pay council tax and rent. It seems people I know don’t pay anything


  • Thank God we don’t have a labour government, the poor working man and pensioners stuffed again well done kmc even more money to waste.

  • Why is there no access to the whole range of council tax rates for the different property bands?

  • So we are going to be charged even MORE council tax for even LESS services?!!!!

  • I agree with the 3% being spent on social care however I would assume that the balance would be spent appropriately. I would like the collection of garden waste to be re-instated. You did ask a while ago the feasibility of having bins for garden waste but nothing further was heard about this. A collection from March to October would certainly be appropriate.

  • How much of the 6% increase is REALLY going to go to the things you have itemised. As a Council, you do KNOW how to waste money instead of spending it wisely.

  • Pay more get less. Typical

  • Just hope we see some significant changes with this 6% rise, the amount of litter in the Town Centre is appalling, you should hold your head in shame. Absolute disgrace how the town centre and surrounding areas, have been dragged down due to litter etc.

  • Can we expect the pot holes that we report to be repaired properly or will the council continue to waste valuable tax payers money on poor quality repairs that only last a matter of days. Street cleaning and the clearing of fly tipped waste has become a much bigger issue since the ban on garden and builders rubble at the waste disposal sites.

  • Social care? Already pay for ours pay pay pay price went up last June not informer till l got a bill for extra at Christmas had to sort this out myself ..You now charge us for the fact we pay £250. per year extra because we pay form home care.That’s the reward for saving up for your old age then husband getting dementia!!!Cut backs here there and everywhere funding for places we can go for a change cut careing who cares for the none layer cares!!!!!!

  • What will the majority of the community benefit from the 6% rise?

  • You probably won’t read this let alone answer it. How can a Labour Council justify a 6% rise in Council Tax, way above the rate of inflation. 3% for social care. We are pensioners and live on our pension. Where do you think we can get this 6% from. We live in our own home and have paid mortgages for over 40years, sometimes at 15% in the 80’s. When, and hopefully not, we may have to go into care ourselves, because we own our own home, we will have to fund our social care. How can that be fair? We have recently returned to Yorkshire after living in Worcestershire for 47 years. Mainly Conservative run areas. What a difference we noted straight away. These Labour councils in this area are mismanaging the income they must receive from Council Taxes. The Greenway is a dumping ground for litter which doesn’t get picked up. Dog walkers use the black plastic bags for dog litter but they aren’t collected. The dustbin lorry won’t come down our drive for the wheelie bin so 2 widows and two gentlemen In their 70’s have to drag the bins up a 1in4 incline to the top of the drive. All of which are too proud to ask for an exemption certificate from the doctor. People, especially the taxi drivers drive without any caution to the speed limit and they get away with it. In all I, after living here for nearly 12 months, I would say we have moved into a lawless, uncaring area where the Council are only interested in What they can get out of the law abiding, Council Tax paying residents. Take a walk around Heckmondwike, Cleckheaton, Batley and look at the people who vote for you because all they have ever known is Labour, it’s burned into their DNA, they look tdown trodden, poor and unhealthy. Where did my West Yorkshire go with its thriving town centres and happy Northern faces. Could it be all the years of being inThe EU or just years of mismanagement by greedy councils.

  • Can we have some investment into Huddersfield town centre which is full of e-cig and charity shops? The George Hotel should be an impressive destination for visitors but it and St. George’s square are completely under-utilised and under occupied. Our town which has such beautiful grade 2 listed buildings is becoming run down, shabby and scruffy.
    Perhaps if Cllrs spent a bit less time on their phones during meetings (spotted at least 4 on your website photo earlier this week) we could achieve a little bit more

  • The impact of 6% increase will have a detrimental effect on many households already struggling to make ends meet.
    I have no doubt the 6% increase is needed to maintain essential services to our most vulnerable needy residents and to keep basic services going for the whole community.
    The people who voted against should be turning their ire on central government for cutting the funding to all local authorities.

  • Sadly my income again remains unadjusted this year therefore I will have to tighten my belt even more. Doesnt seem fair does it?

  • My salary has not & will not increase by 6% (far from it, in fact) so, how am I supposed to meet this increase? The state of local roads is worse than ever, meaning an increase in costs pertaining to wear & tear on my necessary vehicle so, I take another hit in the pocket. Household waste collections are more miss than hit. Enquiries to the council are met with no reply yet, I’d soon hear from you if I failed to pay my council tax. I cannot afford this!

  • Losing faith in this council

  • Does this increase mean we will be getting the Roads Resurfaced in WF17 0DH Upper Batley Lane Area instead of Bodged by Cowboy contractors . They are a disgrace and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves ( The lot of you ) R Peck A resident of BIRSTALL for 75 Years .

  • Appalling. Disgusted with this decision, no thought for those of us who actually pay the council tax.

  • If my wage goes up 7% then ok, but it won’t, so I get poorer each year, well done kirklees, I’m sure your wages will pay yours

  • At least we can vote labour out in the next election. It seems they don’t live in the real world. Especially when there councillors don’t pay their council tax.

  • Barry dick head for thinking labour cares for the individual

    Disgusting rise, Labour again raising tax when people are struggling to meet day to day living bills. I will pay 3% and then the council can take me to court and pay thousands of pounds in court costs. Labour is a joke and a threat to society….

  • Ridiculous increase. Watch the Labour councillors go down like a pack of dominos inMay

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