Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

We became a Fairtrade Borough in 2011, and our Kirklees Fairtrade network has been committed to raising awareness of Fairtrade and encouraging people to shop consciously ever since.

To mark the start of Fairtrade Fortnight (Monday 26 February until Sunday 11 March) we will be supporting the nationwide celebrity fronted campaign ‘Come On In’ which aims to invite people to come in to the world of the people who grow our food to see what life can be like when farmers and workers aren’t paid fairly.

The campaign will also explore how businesses, farmers, workers and shoppers come together through Fairtrade to change this.

Fairtrade is the most widely recognised ethical label in the world and one that has paved the way to better shopping. Choosing Fairtrade means you can help transform the lives and futures of more than 1.6 million farmers and workers in developing countries.

So whether you’re sharing a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate with your neighbour or grabbing a snack on the go, look out for the Fairtrade logo and choose a product that can make a difference.

Some easy ways to make Fairtrade part of your life include:

• Looking out for the Fairtrade Mark on products you regularly buy
• Visit cafes and restaurants that sell Fairtrade products
• Keep up to date on Fairtrade news on the Fairtrade Kirklees website.

You can find events taking place in Batley and Spenborough on their website

Other events

On Friday 9 March at 6pm, The University of Huddersfield is running the “Thank You Kirklees for Coming In to Fairtrade” finale event at the end of the two-week Fairtrade Fortnight Festival. They will be exhibiting Fairtrade hand-crafts, photos and footage from the exciting two-week festival. This headline event celebrates the achievements and contribution of whoever participates in Fairtrade in Kirklees. Come along and listen to inspiring Fairtrade stories! And enjoy free drinks and canapés!

The event takes place at Heritage Quay, level 3 of Schwann Building (formerly Central Services building), University of Huddersfield – you can book to attend here.

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