Missed bin collections

Which missed bins are being collected today (2 March 2018)?

As weather conditions are slightly better in North Kirklees we are going to try and empty grey bins missed in Birkenshaw and Cleckheaton today.

We know that some roads are still going to be icy and where possible we will work with gritting teams to try and clear these roads.

For this to work, we need people to move parked cars
out of the way so we can get the big wagons down safely.

We can’t guarantee we will get to all the grey bins in these areas today,  so if yours still isn’t emptied please leave it out as we will try again as soon as possible.

When will you collect other missed bins?

Weather permitting, we will try and get to other areas in the North and South Kirklees as soon as we can,  we will keep you updated on the areas where we are working over the coming days.

What about Green bins?

With the forecast for more bad weather, it is unlikely that we will be able to empty green bins before the next collection, so please take these back in.

Thanks for your patience during these difficult conditions.





  • Hi Brian

    You can report missed bins online at http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/bins

    Kind regards


  • My green bins were not emptied yesterday Monday26th March they were presented at the gates from 6.00am as usual. I saw the refuse lorry but it failed to come down the back lane this tends to happen on an a regular basis. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School try and encourage our children to recycle and would appreciate a regular fortnightly collection.

  • Thank you for all the wonderful work you do, but please could you tell me when my grey bin will be collected as it was missed today due to snowy conditions (08 March 2018) – The Pines, Earlsheaton

  • Still waiting for bin collection in Almondbury.Two weeks and counting. The grey bin is overflowing and the snow had cleared here by 11:00. Beginning to doubt if we’ll see anybody before next week. Patience is wearing a bit thin!

  • Hi

    Collections in Heckmondwike are continuing as normal, grey bins missed last week will be emptied as soon as possible.



  • We think all your bin collectors do a very good job in the worst of weather and never complain WELL Done

  • My adress 2 prospect court our grey bins werent collected on march 1st wen will they be collected

  • My bin has not yet been emptied do you know when this will be. I live at Bd19 3he ? Thanks

  • Beverley Foster

    I would like to express my gratitude to the guys who drive the gritter wagons, you have done a fantastic job in the worst conditions we have experienced for years. WELL DONE!!!

  • Saturday today, Halifax road Hightown still clear, has been all week, my grey bin still full, Why?

  • Green bin collected Tuesday 27th was snowing very hard. Fab job from your crew as always. Very grateful resident

  • So with 4 weeks worth of recycling building up before the next collection, have refuse collectors been instructed to take additional refuse sacks left with green bins when they are next due to be collected?

  • When will dale lane estate grey bin collected

  • My green bins full are you going to take bin liners full of recycled items what i leave at side of my green bin as i have no car to take it myself

  • Not good enough my green bin is full and needs emptying ASAP. I have got in 2 work all week and done my job.

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