Catching up on bin collections in Kirklees after the snow

bin collections affected by the weather

We’re changing some bin collections this week to catch up after last week’s disruptions. We are prioritising grey bin collections over green until we have caught up. The bin collections search on our website and our bin reminders will not reflect these last minute changes so please go by the information below when putting your bin out.

1] If your normal bin collection is on Monday or Tuesday, there will be no change to your collections.

2] If you had a missed green bin collection last week, this will remain as a missed collection and we will collect it next time it is due – check our website for the date.

3] If you live in Batley, Birstall, Cleckheaton, Liversedge or Heckmondwike, our catch up teams are out trying to collect the missed grey bins from last week throughout this week and into next week so please leave your bin out. This area wasn’t as badly affected as others and so we began catching up last Friday.

4] If your bin is due to be collected on Wednesday 7 March 2018 and Thursday 8 March 2018 and you live in one of the areas listed below, there will be grey bin collections only.  If we missed your grey bin last week, please put it out, but if we collected it last week we will not be able to call again as we need to prioritise the catching up in other areas. Please do not put your green bin out – we will collect it next time it is due – check our website for the date.

Honley [where normal collection is a Wednesday] New Mill [where normal collection is a Wednesday] Armitage Bridge
Beaumont Park
Berry Brow
Crosland Moor
Thornton Lodge
Scapegoat Hill
Mount / Salendine Nook

5) If your bin is due to be collected on Thursday 8 March 2018 and you live in one of the areas listed below, there will be grey bin collections only. If we missed your grey bin last week, please put it out, but if we collected it last week we will not be able to call again as we need to prioritise the catching up in other areas. Please do not put your green bin out – we will collect it next time it is due – check our website for the date.

Honley [where normal collection is Thursday] Holmfirth
New Mill   [where normal collection is Thursday] Hepworth

We would like to thank everyone for their patience whilst we catch up.



  • Finthorpe Lane, Almondbury, HD58TU was (understandably) missed on Thursday 1, March (grey). Please clarify for us as the publicised lists/info’ do not cover us.

  • Catch up when you can…the weather caused major problems and domestic waste quite rightly not a priority in such circumstances. Appreciate the updates on your site.

  • what about Earlsheaton? Our green bin was due to be collected on thursday but hasnt been yet.

    • Hi Louise

      If you had a missed green bin collection last week, this will remain as a missed collection and we will collect it next time it is due – check our website for the date.



  • My green bin was meant to be emptied Thursday 1st March does this mean it’s not going to be emptied until 15th now

  • My grey bin was not collected on Tuesday last week which I fail to understand as there was little snow. I reported it as a missed collection yet have heard nothing and now notwithstanding that there was no collection this information states it will not be collected until next week so 4 weeks uncollected. Wholly unacceptable.

    • Hi Nick, If you reported your grey bin as missed on Tuesday the depot should be aware and collect it as soon as possible.



      • It was reported as a missed collection on Tuesday 27 Feb yet still hasn’t been collected. Can you please confirm when it will be. Thanks.

  • Thank you very much for keeping us informed about the catch-up bin collections (ignore the moaning minnies)

  • 5th March email to say no green bin collection in Lindley on the 7th just grey and just now an email to say don’t forget to put your green bin out for collection! Come on KMC make your mind up – which is it?

  • Good communication and well done to all your teams.

  • Thanks for the update, this kind of communication is much appreciated.

  • binmen could have out if roads had been salted and gritted

  • Not impressed with this arrangement as green bin due to be collected in Lindley tomorrow. So if not collected it will not be collected for another two weeks, meaning four weeks since last collection. The bin will be more than overflowing by then and that means a trip to the tip by me. So much for rewarding recycling efforts!

  • If Batley wasn’t badly affected, why didn’t our bin collections go ahead? Unimpressed Kirklees. I’ve just moved house and the green bin is overflowing. I have more recycling to go into it and it won’t fit because you’re late so it’s in my house. When you next show up, by the time I empty the stuff in the house it will be full again and I have to wait another 2 weeks! Maybe I’ll just not bother and stick recycling in my normal rubbish.

  • I live birstall.our grey bin should of been emptied thurs.still out on street full.will they be emptied this thurs ?

    • Hi Julie,

      Please leave your grey bin out and we will get someone to empty it as soon as possible.



  • Thanks for the update I so glad I joined the website for information about useful information.

  • Absolutly terrible service and communication you have web links and fail to use them you have a notice board and fail to post updates you could have collected over the weekend and did not do so you could have prioritised and collected next day that you could but did not. In fact you did nothing at all and intent to do nothing at all you just leave extriment over your customers because there is nothing we can do and more to the point you DO NOT CARE about us or about SERVICE!!!

  • Hi, Pensitone Road Fenay Bridge (HD8) is not mentioned and our Grey bins were not collected last Thursday. Our area is not on the lists above so are we Grey bin or Green bin tomorrow (Thursday 8 March) please? Thank you

  • Hi, live in Shaw Crossand phoned last Friday to br told to leave green bins out for catch up as was due last Friday. Bins still out but no catch up collection and Shaw Cross not listed on combs, what do we do ?

    • Hi John

      If you had a missed green bin collection last week, this will remain as a missed collection and we will collect it next time it is due – check our website for the date.



  • A refuse catch up van aas just out in halifax road where I live but my bin is in the back of my house tgat leads out onto a side street. It was so close to me and just drove on past. Just didnit do my bin. Poor, very poor!

  • Well here in HD3 we put our grey bins out for collection as requested (despite the reminder to put out the green bin) and lo and behold they remain unemptied! The refuse wagon was seen on Plover Road in the morning but the crew were obviously having a break. Any comment KMC?

  • So what are we meant to do with the green bin rubbish that won’t go in the green bin as was already full with nowhere to put it it’s just getting more and more for all the taxes everyone pays the council we should have a lot better service than this totally unacceptable

  • So today is Wednesday 7th, I live in Batley, so I can expect our grey bin to be emptied this week then but not the green bin? Thanks

  • Nish Liversedge

    We’re still waiting for any bin to be emptied…Liversedge – but a road that Virgin Media have been working on. Those guys seem more than happy to move their trucks and barriers out of the way for the residents, and I asked one about the bins and they said that when the truck came by (last week I’m guessing), they didn’t even bother asking them to move and just drive away.
    VM are still on our street, are the catch up teams going to have the same attitude? No one wants to smell my baby’s nappy bin bag for much longer at the end of our cul-de-sac!!!

  • Frances Livesey

    Saw the bin lorry this morning on Beverley drive Dewsbury but as yet our bins on Wakefield Road Dewsbury haven’t been collected

  • Kathryn Hodgson

    Please can you confirm that grey bins from WF17 6LS the collection of which was missed today will definitely be collected tomorrow? Our green collection was missed last week (understandably) but you are not planning to catch that up and the area is now overrun with litter. I’m 9 months pregnant and due to go into hospital at any moment, so I simply can’t lift and carry refuse to the tip. I can’t keep rubbish indoors and animas are foraging in the overflowing bins. We absolutely need to be prioritised for grey bin collection in the next 24 hours for obvious environmental reasons. I would appreciate a reply and positive confirmation please.

  • Michelle Walmsley

    Still NO bin collection in Scholes (Holmfirth) this week. That’s 2 weeks with no bin collections and starting to get very very full!! NOT HAPPY !!

  • My grey bin was due to be collected today from Leeds Road, Dewsbury. I saw the bin men at dinner time collecting up Bennett lane but not the side roads. Can you confirm how long I need to leave out my black bin?Thanks

  • Hi I live in Batley and our grey bins wasn’t collected last Thursday and haven’t been collected since or collected today on the 8th , when are these due to be collected ?

  • Due to snow ( again) grey bin not emptied today . What’s the plan now please.?

  • Just read the plan thanks.

  • Adele Richardson

    My street have not had our grey bins collected that were missed last thursday we are in heckmondwike. Assuming due to the snow and a now missed green bin collection from today that only our grey bins are going to be collected at some point soon??

  • I called the office this morning and was told yes! our overflowing grey bin would definitely be collected today (Almondbury)
    The refuse vehicle passed me at about 4 pm further down the lane, so was obviously in the area, however our grey bin has not been emptied, and I now have both a grey and green bin full to capacity.
    This is not acceptable.

  • Andrew John Standish

    It is now 8.00 p.m. on 8th March 2018 and our bins at Avison Road Cowlersley HD4 5TL have STILL NOT been collected despite your emergency measures and promises. The bins for most of the street are situated right outside my gate and garden wall and are smelling as they are overfull and some residents have left black bin bags by the side of their filled bins. If there was a problem today someone should have either posted a follow up here or perhaps in this extremely rare case some overtime and extra shifts might have been arranged.. Am I to suffer this mess outside my house for yet ANOTHER week?

  • What are we paying our council tax for… I have to wait a month now to get my GREEN bin emptied.
    What’s the point of recycling might as well put in any old bin at least they’ll empty your GRAY bin.
    This is not the 1st time this has happened…see my council tax is going up tho.

  • Well done Kirklees unfortunately today my bin green or grey has again NOT been collected when will it be collected as I am now rubbish bound both recyclable and household waste as I have many times in the past reported a non collection of bins why does this not surprise me that my bin has again not been collected. I wounder if I withheld my council tax every it was due to be collected how long it would be before I was in court for this

  • Our grey bin was due to be emptied yesterday. The wagon came in the afternoon due to snow in morning but mine and several bins were missed. York Road Earlsheaton Dewsbury. Will they be emptied today?

  • Many thanks I think this a very helpful sight. Especially if you live alone and do not need to put the bin out every time. Many thanks and well done with a difficult time of the year.

  • Hi I live in Liversedge and we have not had a collection for two weeks both grey and green bin

  • St Helens gate Almondury. Grey bin should have been collected 01/03. When will it be collected?

  • If I paid for a service from any other company, that wasn’t carried out, I would expect a refund, not just an apology.
    Why do you think it’s ok to charge for services you don’t actually carry out?

  • we missed the green bins last week because of the snow and missed our grey bin yesterday because of more snow yet I saw the lorry out later that same morning. If the snow was predicted to disappear quickly why didn’t the staff work a later shift after the roads had been cleared? I know the budget is going to mean overtime is to be avoided but with fortnightly collections a missed collection means waiting a whole month. This is only going to encourage fly tipping.

  • My neighbour as just told me theyve finally collected grey bin but theyve collected green as well.both into same wagon.whats the point of recycling ?

  • Our bin was supposed to be emptied 8th March as per your update but we had snow again in Marsden so it was not emptied. Can you advise when it will be collected

  • gillian johnson

    my bin still hasnt been emptied, my catch up date to empty was yesterday, i would like to know when it will be emptied, meltham, helme lane

  • Well here we are again! Friday has dawned nice and bright here in HD3 but still the grey bins remain unemptied and no reply to my earlier post either! Little point in communicating what you say are going to do KMC if you do not actually do it is there? A case of all show and no substance?

  • Here in Old Bank Rd, Dewsbury we have had no collection of green bins last week and no collection of black bins this week. The result is bins and rubbish collecting in the street. What is happening to Kirklees refuse collection service?

  • No grey bin collection on Thursday 8th as promised and no sign of them today (9th). Could find no info or updates on your website. Disappointing. When are you going to collect, please.
    Pat Jones

  • When will Almondbury be due a grey collection?? Not on the above lists

  • Why don’t they use same common sense over Christmas and prioritise grey over green bins

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