Announcing the Big Build for Kirklees

House building

This morning, Deputy Leader Cllr Shabir Pandor launched our ambitious plan to deliver 10,000 new homes by 2023, at MIPIM – the world’s leading international property and investment event in Cannes, France.

The Big Build is a comprehensive programme of proactive activity to increase the rate of house building across Kirklees, by working with private landowners, major house builders, housing associations and small site developers, in order to increase the supply of new homes.

Speaking about the bold initiative, Cllr Pandor also confirmed that the council is proposing to build 1,000 of the 10,000 homes planned, itself; on council-owned sites, and delivered through a newly created Housing Development Company.

Cllr Pandor told MIPIM delegates and investors:

“We’re proud to have been invited to take part in the Leeds City Region’s delegation at MIPIM this year, which has given us the opportunity to put Kirklees in the spotlight, and launch The Big Build in the best way possible, to so many influential international developers and investors.

The Big Build is a major opportunity for us to accelerate the rate of housing delivery across Kirklees.  This not only provides the homes our residents need, but looking outwardly, helps us as a region to attract and retain the talent which businesses across the Leeds City Region need to fuel growth, and underpin our regional economy as a whole.

We know that we have a great deal to offer people in terms of lifestyle here in Kirklees.  Our great strength is our location at the centre of the northern powerhouse – on the major north/south and east/west M1/M62 corridors of the M1 and M62.  Around 70% of our district is rural, yet neighbouring cities are commutable within 40 minutes.  We have England’s top performing sixth form – Greenhead College, and a University voted No1 in the world for teaching excellence.  Huddersfield has been recognised previously as a town offering the best and most affordable quality of living, and house price growth reported by the Halifax Bank over the last 12 months, puts Huddersfield in the Top Ten of towns in the UK.  This is certainly a great place to live.”

Further details of The Big Build are set to be revealed over coming weeks, culminating in The Big Build Seminar planned for summer 2018, where landowners, investors, developers and contractors will be able to talk directly to officials about becoming involved.  Those interested can pre-register interest in attending.

What is MIPIM?
Running from 12 to 16 March 2018, MIPIM is the world’s leading property and economic development conference and exhibition. We are attending as part of Leeds City Region, to highlight to the audience of global influencers, investors, developers and occupiers from across all property sectors that now is the time to look at our area and become part of its success story.

Activity during the forum is designed to showcase the confidence and potential which exists within the City Region in a bid to secure investment, speculative development and occupier interest. Through a series of high profile events including panel sessions and investor meeting the City Region’s delegation outlines the significant projects and investment opportunities that are available across the region to the extensive network of over 24,000 international delegates.

The vast majority of Leeds City Region’s activity at MIPIM is funded by private sector sponsors.


  • Patricia Barstow

    Not on green belt land I hope! A place to breath is essential for health and wellbeing of people and animals and all nature.

  • I totally agree with the comments above. What about school places, doctors etc. No one seems to think about these things ,also the roads through Ravensthorpe, Mirfield etc. are a nightmare as is the road to the motorway from Cooper Bridge. But hey what do I know I am just an ord inary pensioner with a very high council tax bill. Keep smiling.

  • M J Mothersdale

    I couldnt have put it better ! …. My thoughts EXACTLY ! ………. AS A COUNCIL , A WASTE OF TIME

  • Neighbouring cities commutable within 40 minutes?
    Not during rush hour, 40 minutes would get you to Ainley top on a bad day.
    That statement could well scupper your hopes, any developer worth their salt will check for themselves.

  • Did he have to go all that way to announce this! Guess we are paying his bill after the 6% increase in Council Tax! Keep off Green belt land, plenty of eyesores around Kirklees.

  • Mrs Linda Kristensen

    If it is really about the green belts, then I agree 100%!!!

  • I think we must wait for the plan. It has certainly been council (and central government) policy in the past to promote brownfield land for development in preference to greenfield but developers will always favour greenfield given the choice because it is cheaper to develop.

    KMC has a very good track record over the years of raising ERDF and other funds for town centre improvements but those funds will disappear if we leave the EU

    As to the present the council has limited influence over what private property owners choose to do (or often not do
    ) with the properties that they own. Dewsbury town centre is a good example of this. The council has funded an improvement plan for the town centre, set up grant schemes for shop owners to improve shop fronts, invested money in improving the market, put a CPO on Empire House which is being renovating to expand educational opportunities in Dewsbury, but the majority of the town centre property is owned by absentee landlords who seem to have no interest in the state of the properties that they on or the town.

    KMC has had £200 million cut from its budget by central government since 2010 and can barely meet its statutory obligations to fund education and social care for the young and the elderly from the funds at its disposal never mind doing anything else.

  • Here we go again, Kirklees doesn’t just consist of Huddersfield. Has anyone from the Council really taken a good look at Heckmondwike, Dewsbury and Batley. These towns are dying at the hands of Kirklees Council. The markets has died at almost all three towns, the shops are closing, the banks and building societies have closed. There is only Santander left in Heckmondwike. Not sure what is left in Batley, not a lot, and same for Dewsbury.

    The population is so dense the roads, schools, doctors and hospitals aren’t coping. It’s hardly worth stepping out the door because trying to drive anywhere is so horrendously grid locked most of the time. Avoid any of the schools areas at school times because parking restrictions are accidents waiting to happen.

    And as for the getting rid of household waste, we are turning into a third world country with the amount of fly tipping simply because of beaurocracy. Get your act into gear and sort out these problems. Or resign! No wonder there is so much fly tipping given the dictatorship rules at the tipping sites. Yes I have travelled to a third world country and they were not nice

  • Agree with Maggie. The town centre needs investment and the brownfield sites need to be developed first. Where is the specific plan?

  • I agree with Maggie Briggs. There are more things to make life better for people than build, build, build. The village, ha, it was a village, has that many house being built it has changed the village beyond recognition, the noise, the mess, the mud!!!! Perhaps if you had helped just one bank stay open, helped the library, sorted out the massive potholes. All this building is causing horrendous traffic problems and breaking up our roads. I’m talkungtalkin Meltham.

  • Totallg agree. So dispiriting to visit Huddersfield town centre. Eakefield has a magnificent program of town centre regeneration – why not Huddersfield?

  • Hear hear

  • All very commendable to want to build 10,000 homes in Kirklees, no doubt they will all be built on greenfield and greenbelt instead of using the brown field sites in and around Huddersfield and Town Centre. We have a town centre almost dead on its feet due to lack of investment on the Councils part. Look at Leeds, Wakefield, Barnsley, Bradford and now Sheffield who have all or are investing in their Town Centres. What is Huddersfield Council doing, nothing but talking a lot of hot air. When has anybody managed to get anywhere in 40 minutes to other Towns listed above. Did they do it in the middle of the night, it certainly was not during the day. In most cases it takes you more like and hour and forty minutes.

    As a Council, I feel that you all live in cloud cuckoo land.

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