Transport for the North event in Huddersfield

What is the Transport for the North plan?

In January 2018, Transport for the North launched their draft Strategic Transport Plan, which sets out how we can drive economic growth and create a more successful north through improving transport connections.

This is a transformational vision for the region. To ensure that the plan continues to meet the needs of everyone across the north, Transport for the North are now holding a 13-week public consultation.

Who is the event for?

Anyone who is interested in finding out more, or who would like to influence the plan before its submitted to Government later this year is invited to a consultation event at Huddersfield town hall.

Who can go to the event?

The drop-in consultation is open to everyone and is an opportunity for members of the public to formally submit their feedback on the plan which will be analysed and fed into the final Strategic Transport Plan before its release later in the year.

When and where is the event?

The event will be held in the reception room at Huddersfield Town Hall on Wednesday 28 March from 4pm – 7pm and will include a presentation from a Transport for the North representative (at both 4pm and 6pm) and question and answer sessions.

More about the Transport for the North plan:

The thirty-year plan, which was released in draft on Tuesday 16 January, is the first of its kind and outlines how transport connections across the North of England need to be transformed by 2050 to drive growth and close the economic gap between the North and the rest of England.

The plan identified seven Strategic Development Corridors, which link important economic centres and where better road and rail connections are needed. These include the Central Pennines corridor, where priorities may include the major redevelopment of Leeds station and improved rail links from East Lancashire to Yorkshire for both passengers and freight.

It also highlights the important of a pan-Northern smart and integrated ticketing system and of Northern Powerhouse Rail, which would see journey times from Leeds to Sheffield and from Leeds to Manchester reduced to just 30 minutes.

Transport for the North’s public consultation runs until 17 April 2018 with similar engagement events taking place across the North. A final version of the plan will be published later in the year and submitted to the Government for ministerial consideration.

Find out more by visiting the Transport for the North website.

One comment

  • The Transport for the North Strategy could be enhanced from a readily available and significant resource. The immediate scrapping of that unequivocal folly, HS2.

    As with virtually every major government sponsored project which has preceded HS2 and quite irrespective of which political ‘colour’ may have been responsible at the time, HS2 will result in an unmitigated national disaster, financially, environmentally and ecologically. It will fail to be delivered both on time and within budget and will suffer the all too common bedevilment from similar degrees of administrative and technical incompetence which have destroyed and wasted public funds with so many of its preceding government sponsored projects. Furthermore, it will leave in its wake, an irrevocable trail of environmental and ecological devastation at an unprecedented level.

    Even worse, in its futility, it will serve only those who may have the questionable good fortune to live in close proximity to the few HS2 stopping locations or terminals. What’s more, it will undoubtedly become the exclusive preserve of that already privileged few who enjoy their travel without need to dig deep into their own pockets to pay for their own tickets, or as with Concorde, be that once in a lifetime experience as one of one’s retirement gifts!

    By contrast, if one lives remote from an HS2 station, one shall then be burdened by the bizarre situation of it taking longer for one to reach the train than that of the duration of the actual train journey itself, at both ends and in both directions, largely because of our perniciously grossly underfunded inadequate roads and rail infrastructures.

    As for the practical usefulness of HS2 to those hapless millions who now battle daily with those grossly inadequate and underfunded facilities and who effectively need to enjoy improvements NOW, most of those will be either retired or even dead by the time that ecological, environmental and financial monstrosity has turned its wheels for the first time. Ask most rail users what are their preferences and they will answer reliable, clean and comfortable trains of sufficient capacity that guarantees one obtains that seat for which one has dearly paid. Ask them if arriving in London, or vice-versa, a few minutes sooner is of any import and a majority will say they could not care less.

    HS2 has no more value to this nation than that of being an inevitably disastrous vanity project but is perceived as now being far too politically embarrassing to be scrapped. However, political personal prides need to be set aside and HS2 needs to be strangled now, before its illegitimate conception attains full its term and hemorrhages ever more of our scant resources which could so greatly enhance the Northern Transport Strategy.

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