Our night time noise team are back in action this weekend

With the clocks changing to British summer time and hopefully some warmer weather on the way, the thought of beer gardens, BBQ’s and spending more time outside is here.

Everyone loves to make the most of the better weather but as it warms up and we open up our windows to let in the cooler air, we also let in night time noise.

A bit of noise is normal and something we can all deal with, but sometimes the noise coming from other people’s activities can be at a level where it causes real distress for neighbours.

We operate a night time noise service from the end of March until the beginning of September to help people struggling with nuisance noise.

By calling the team you will get advice on what level of noise is acceptable and which types of noise we have the power to deal with.

Then if it is appropriate someone will speak to the people making the noise and try and get them to stop then and there. Sometimes it isn’t possible or safe to resolve a problem on the night it is first reported – in which case it will be passed onto the weekday officers to follow up.

The team are very successful in quickly identifying problems in the community and resolving noise complaints.

Noise problems can come from anywhere from noisy neighbours, the pub across the road or commercial and industrial premises. We always try to deal with these problems informally, however, there are a range of legal powers to resolve complaints formally, which include legal notices, prosecutions, fixed penalty notices and seizure of noise making equipment.

How do I get in touch?

The Night Time Noise Service is available by calling 01484 414828 between 9pm and 5.30am on Friday and Saturday nights from April to September.

Anyone experiencing noise outside those hours or with an ongoing issue should complete a form on the ‘Report a Problem’ section of the council’s website at http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/noise


  • Theres always people shouting and partying on college st, crosland moor most nights after 9 and it goes on for several hours too

  • Good afternoon. Thanks for commenting. Please complete a form on the ‘Report a Problem’ section of the council’s website at http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/noise so our officers can look into this. Please let us know how you get on, thanks ^MY

  • Its 11.40 friday night. There is a very loud party going on at the house adjacent to my property . The house in question is half way up [address removed by admin]. This is the second occurence . The last time it happened it went on till 05.00 hours . I think they have a professional DJ and equipment brought in for them. It is a residential property. In a small cul de sac No night time officers available .What can be done.? .

  • Thankyou

  • Hi Linda

    Please contact the Pollution and Noise Team on 01484 414739, for advice.



  • Bar 59 market st is coursing a great deal of noise sack door open people out in yard smoking carrying on an loud music 15 feet from house what can we do

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