Temporary Contemporary

What is Temporary Contemporary?

We’re part of an exciting new initiative to put contemporary art within vacant spaces in Queensgate Market. Temporary Contemporary is transforming vacant stalls into gallery spaces, where students, lecturers, local artists and creative businesses can showcase their creative talents.

Who’s involved?

The exciting new project has emerged through a partnership between us, the traders at Queensgate Market, and the School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield.

What will be happening?

As the Temporary Contemporary initiative evolves, other smaller projects and spaces will pop up around the market, such as a central kiosk where you will be able to find out about what’s going on in Huddersfield and beyond.

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Two new shows

To kick start the Temporary Contemporary initiative two new shows have been created by the lecturers of the School of Art, Design and Architecture – these two shows will introduce art work to shoppers and traders, as well as art going audiences and students.

PLACE, SPACE, ACTION, is a group show of 24 lecturers, presenting works from sculpture, painting, illustration, photography and video-work. The exhibition will take place in stalls 177 to 182, next to Merrie England and the Peel Street entrance.

The second exhibition ‘Market Hardware’ taken from the name from the stall it used to be, is also a group show of staff from the Department of Architecture and 3D Design, and will showcase current practice based research. The show is intended to present the wide range of material that staff are currently engaged with rather than focusing on a specific theme.

Howard Fanning, Queensgate Ironmongers said: “This partnership is an innovative approach which should be enjoyed by many people and one which will be of great benefit to the town centre, the public, traders in the market and the students alike.”

Donal Fitzpatrick, Head of Art and Communication, University of Huddersfield says: “It’s has been great to be able to work with the Council and the traders to develop a project that allows our school to shine a light on the fantastic work and creativity being produced, and we look forward to seeing new pop up spaces develop through the students ideas!”

When are the shows?

‘PLACE, SPACE, ACTION’ and ‘Market Hardware’ are open to the public from Friday 06 April until Saturday 14 April 2018.

The Temporary Contemporary initiative will follow the opening times of Queensgate Market, Monday to Saturday, 9am till 5pm, however, individual projects will have their own opening times.

More information

Please see the Creative Kirklees Wesbite for more information.

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  • This sounds like a really good initiative but it would have been more helpful to know about it earlier than the day before it was due to end!

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