5 Top tips for election day

Polling station

Election Day is Thursday 3 May 2018

Here are our top 5 tips to make sure your voice is heard…

1. Who can I vote for?

It’s really important that you make your own choice about who you want to vote for. You can listen to what the candidates and  political parties have to say, but in the end you have to decide who to vote for. If you’re not sure who your candidates are, check out this independent website from Democracy Club:

Who Can I Vote For?

Who Can I Vote For?

Please note that Kirklees Council don’t own or manage http://www.whocanIvotefor.co.uk and we are not responsible for the content of external websites.

2. Where do I vote?

Your polling station address is shown on your poll card, which you will have received in the post recently. Or you can easily find your polling station online:

Where Do I Vote?

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm. Go any time in between, but please don’t miss out by being late. If you’re in a queue at your polling station at 10pm, you will be allowed to cast your vote.

If you haven’t returned your postal vote envelope yet, you can take it to any polling station in your ward on election day.

3. What to take

Lost your poll card? Don’t worry – you can still vote without it. It helps polling station staff if you take your poll card with you, but it isn’t essential. If you registered by the deadline (which was 17 April), you can vote.

4. What to expect

You’ll be asked for your name and address and you’ll be given your ballot paper.

You then go into the polling booth to mark your vote. Simply put one ‘X’ next to the candidate you wish to vote for on your ballot paper.

If you’re registered to vote in Birstall and Birkenshaw ward, there are two seats available, so you can vote for two candidates.

When you’re all done, fold up your paper and put it into the ballot box. Polling station staff will be on hand to help you if needed.

Voting at a polling station – quick audio guide

5. What not to do

You can’t do anything that might compromise the secrecy of the poll. This means that you can’t say anything in the polling station that might influence other voters – and you can’t take a selfie inside the polling station. Election candidates must not try and influence your vote at the polling station. Watch this video about what’s not acceptable when it comes to voting:

How to follow the local elections…

Election Tales

Keep an eye on the Election Tales blog for the latest stories and updates, including lots of useful tips for voters.

The Kirklees results for the local elections will be announced on twitter as they are declared, and will be available on the Kirklees Together blog and on our Kirklees.gov.uk website. The election count begins at 9.30am on Friday 4 May.

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