Supporting the Third Sector in Kirklees

A contract has been awarded to Third Sector Leaders Kirklees for ‘Supporting the Third Sector in Kirklees”

Following a thorough and open Tender process the contract will provide a new way of delivering infrastructure support across our partner organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Hilary Thompson, Chair of the Third Sector Leaders said:

“TSL is very excited to have been awarded this contract and is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities it will provide the sector over the next three years. Working as a key component for the whole ambition for Kirklees is really important and we are proud to be representing the sector and will endeavour to play a full and useful part.”

The contract is divided in to 4 areas:

  1. Volunteering Support To support, train and increase the capacity to work effectively with volunteers, offer creative ways to volunteer and increase the number of volunteering hours.
  2. Infrastructure Support To support more organisations to develop, grow and increase new consortia, funding/bid partnerships and maximise external investment and self-sustain.
  3. Specialist Financial Support To support Third Sector organisations with specialist accountancy and financial reporting support to promote good governance and growth.
  4. Migration Support To reduce isolation of vulnerable migrants, asylum seekers and new refugees when they arrive in the UK/Kirklees through the opportunity for peer mentoring.  This element of the contract is funded by The Home Office.

The work is underpinned by Kirklees Council and our partners in recognition of the importance of the Third Sector; and that the Third Sector requires strategic investment in order to achieve its potential, be stronger and help communities to do more for themselves and each other.

For more information please contact and/or Third Sector Leaders

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