• Hi JM, this needs to be renewed in case your details or circumstances change. When they reopen as you drive into one of our sites a member of staff will check your vehicle registration number on a tablet computer. As long as you’ve registered you’ll be able to unload your vehicle. All the best ^CP

  • Trying to use this site is like getting blood out of a stone,why can’t the permit be renewed automatically irispectiv of car reg’ number,furthermore,it is the person who is the permit holder not the car?

  • Too true. Kirklees council make everything difficult….and never a sole person stands up as admits responsibility.

  • Jeffrey Hargreraves

    This site is impossible to use and even harder to understand. I have tried several times to renew my HWRC permit with no success. The site is not fit for purpose.

  • Robert Slatford

    I agree with Ernest Shaw this site is not fit for purpose

  • annmariewilkins

    Hi Ernest, you should be able to visit the site at https://my.kirklees.gov.uk/ but if you need any help call our Waste team on 01484 414700 and they should be able to help you.

  • annmariewilkins

    Hi Anthony, please call our Waste team on 01484 414700 and they should be able to help you. Thanks, Ann-Marie

  • Hi Carol ann,

    If you want to check the date your permit expires you can find out on our My Kirklees Account system. This is different to the tip permit system you originally signed up to so you may need to register for a new account, but once you do you’ll be able to see lots of relevant info all in one place.



  • I have been trying to renew my HWRC e-permit online as per instructions given in e.mail. I have an e-permit for my vehicle registration no. YS65 VDK. When I go online to renew this it says no permits are registered. I have tried to chat online to no avail as this option does not respond.

  • carol ann hirst

    I thought our permit expired at the end of May this year, however I’ll await reminder.

  • Trying to get through on this site is like swimming through mud it’s gust impossible

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