Funding confirmed for next step towards major improvements to A629

Major improvements to the A629 in Kirklees are a step closer today thanks to the release of £4m from the funding body.

Why are we doing this?

The improvements will relieve congestion and reduce journey times along the A629 from Ainley Top towards Huddersfield and cost £12.09m in total. The whole scheme is being funded by West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Transport Fund, which is a package of government investment to accelerate growth and create jobs across Leeds City Region.

Who will be undertaking the work?

We are responsible for delivering the scheme and this latest release of funding will enable the authority to put full plans in place for the development, including securing land, detailed design and determining the final options for the improvements.

Have your say

From 4 – 29 June 2018, the public will be invited to have their say about the scheme, both online and in a series of drop in sessions that will be announced shortly.

In a survey with local residents last year, reducing congestion was identified as the top priority for improving the A629, along with widening the roads.

The current plans for the improvements seek to do this by widening certain sections of the road, reducing parking along the route and creating a slip road at Ainley Top to allow traffic for the M62 to bypass the roundabout. We are already talking to landowners who are directly affected by the plans. We are working closely with Calderdale Council who are also making improvements to parts of the A629 that fall in their area.

What councillors think about the improvements

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee Chair Cllr Keith Wakefield said:

“The reason we used the Leeds City Region Growth Deal, to set up the £1bn West Yorkshire-plus Transport Fund was to make large-scale schemes like this, designed to speed up journeys and combat the economic and environmental costs of congestion, possible.

I would encourage people to take the opportunity to attend the forthcoming events in June or go online to have their say.”

Cabinet member for Economy and Infrastructure Cllr Peter McBride said:

“The improvements we are planning for the A629 will make a huge difference to journey times, air quality and congestion; three things that we know are important to our residents and road users. The release of this part of the funding takes us to the final stage of the plans. At the moment we are aiming for the final plans to be approved in early 2020, with construction beginning very soon after.”

Joint portfolio holder Cllr Naheed Mather added:

“Good local and regional transport links are vital to the development of business and the creation of new jobs. Forecasts show that these improvements could create 1,740 jobs by 2030.

This strategic approach fits with our broader planning in terms of jobs, homes and the Local Plan. It will improve travel between our towns and neighbouring towns and improve access to employment and training opportunities.”

The funding was agreed by the West Yorkshire combined Authority at their Committee Meeting on 10 May 2018


  • Consider a more holistic solution than just making Ainley Top roundabout larger, albeit filter lanes would help. Surely, the primary objective is to take pressure off this junction and take into account the demands of all north Huddersfield road users and residents, in particular for eastbound traffic in the morning rush hour and returning traffic in the evening.
    Fundamentally, there are not enough access roads to the M62 eastbound and exit roads westbound for Huddersfield traffic per se. Therefore, here’s a few ideas;
    1. Prevent local rush hour traffic ( except residents ) accessing the A629 south of the main roundabout at Yew Tree Road, Birchington Avenue and Birchencliffe Hill Road.
    2. Redirect all new local traffic emanating from the new housing developments on Cowrakes Road and Weatherhill Road to the Wappy Spring Road and Weatherhill Road junction by creating a roundabout there to gain access to the A643.
    3. Prevent deliveries to the Tesco Express and Greggs shops on Halifax Road in the early mornings. Restrict their opening hours to commence at 0830. This will reduce the chaos of traffic entering and exiting their car park onto Halifax Road.
    4. Ensure that the new housing developments at the Eastern end of Yew Tree Road access the roundabout via Burn Road and Grimescar Road only.
    5. Ensure that heavy, commercial traffic emanating from the new industrial developments on Crosland Moor and local traffic in the vicinity of Moorlands Road, Roman Avenue and Mount Avenue can access the M62 both East and West bound at the M62/A643/A640 motorway junction to remove pressure on Ainley Top for Eastbound M62 traffic. Currently, you can only go West on the M62 at this junction.
    6. Create a Westbound and/or Eastbound slip road at either the A643/M62 underpass or A6107/M62 underpass or the A641/M62 underpass to prevent local traffic having to access Ainley Top. East and Westbound entry /exits could be at different junctions. This will reduce queues on the motorway at peak times both East and Westbound at Ainley Top.
    7. Upgrade the B6114 to take traffic from Halifax on the A629 bound for the M62 and create a Westbound junction on the M62 at the B6114 /M62 underpass
    8. Implement a noise reduction scheme for the residents of Yew Tree Road ( North side) by enhanced tree and fixed screen planting
    9. Decline any further proposals for housing and commercial developments in the Lindley/ Birchencliffe area.

  • Lesley Honeyman

    If you are going to stop parking on Prince Royd where are the homeowners expected to park as most people have one or more cars per household?

  • Steven J Davis

    Have run off lanes on the nearside at roundabouts so that there is no need to stop, especially when coming off at the first exit.
    Exit 24 M62 westbound, make a right turn at the end of the deceleration lane to allow local traffic easy access to Brackley, thus reducing traffic at Ainley Top roundabout

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