Improving the access to Dewsbury Rail Station begins this summer

Over the past few months we’ve been consulting on plans to improve access to Dewsbury train station and we’ll be starting work this summer. The scheme will create an accessible and attractive gateway to the town centre making entering and leaving the station safer for everyone.

What changes are being proposed?

The main change is to pedestrianise the area at the front of the station, including new seating and planting.  The entrance to the car parks will be redesigned to improve traffic flow and the pedestrian crossing into town will be changed to a toucan crossing so both cyclists and pedestrians can cross the road.

Changes to parking

The proposed plans will include 75 long stay bays, 4 disabled bays and 1 pick up bay in the north car park; and 144 long stay bays, 8 disabled bays, 13 short stay bays, 1 car club bay and 6 pickup bays in the South Car Park. This means there will be better provision for people who need to use short stay or disabled spaces, and for those who are picking people up or dropping them off at the station, whilst maintaining more than enough long stay bays to meet current demand.

The car parks at either side of the entrance will benefit from signs indicating real time information on how many spaces remain, so there will be no need to drive from one car park to another. However should it be required,  there is parking close by in both directions on the ring road.

Short stays

Taxis and private hire vehicles will share the new drop off bays and short stay spaces with members of the public in the same way they currently do for the bays at the front of the station.

More about the investment

This investment is a key scheme as part of the council’s North Kirklees Growth Zone initiative.

Cllr Peter McBride, Kirklees Council Cabinet Member, added:

“The rail station in Dewsbury is key to the whole North Kirklees Growth Zone initiative, it provides quick access to Leeds and Huddersfield, and provides travel to Manchester in less than an hour.

Dewsbury is set to grow over the next 10 years with plans for 1000’s of new homes, new businesses and a thriving learning community. By investing in this essential part of our transport infrastructure we can really kick off the transformation we have planned for Dewsbury, ensuring that it becomes a fantastic place to live, work, study and do business.”

Learn more about the proposed plans

More information about the scheme can be found online at If you have a question please send an email to


  • Thank you This looks a vast improvement keep up the great work when can we see it in action

  • perhaps the money would be better spent on repairing the pot holed riddled roads in Dewsbury and Mirfield

  • Hi Susie, thank you for your reply, but I feel as though 24 extra spaces are just a drop in the ocean, there are more than 50 – 60 cars parked in the surrounding roads every working day, and particularly on Station Road with parked cars on both sides of the road, leaving a run the gauntlet situation to anyone wanting to use this route, and recent passing bays have proved totally useless .
    British Rail really needs to get a grip on this situation to avoid inconvenience to local residents that live in this area.
    I hope that this situation can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction soon.
    Thank you for your information.
    Kind Regards,
    Tim Fox

  • Hi Mr Fox

    Thanks for your comment, you might find this article interesting Mirfield Station Parking

    Kind regards


  • Yes better flow of in & out of the car parks is badly needed. Waiting cars block those trying to get in & out of the car park . At the moment there is no organisation & drivers get frustrated

  • Mirfield station needs more urgent plans for parking the present situation on Station Road is both ludicrous and extremely dangerous.

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