Have your say on plans for major improvements to the A629

Traffic along the A629 in Huddersfield. Photo courtesy of Examiner

As plans for major changes to the A629 edge closer to reality, people are now being invited to view the plans in detail and have their say.

Last month we confirmed that the next stage of funding had been approved by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, who are financing the improvements through their Transport Fund.

How can I see what’s being proposed and comment?

Today we’ve launched an online survey where you can see the full plans and comment on the whole scheme or just specific parts of it.  You have until Friday 29 June 2018 to have your say.

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There are also 5 drop in sessions in various locations (details below) and an unstaffed exhibition in Huddersfield Library.

Date Time Location
4 – 29 June Library opening times Huddersfield Library and Art Gallery (unstaffed exhibition)
Fri 15 June 3 – 7pm Church of Latter-day Saints, Halifax Road


Weds 20 June 3 – 7pm Huddersfield Town Hall, Ramsden Street
Thurs 21 June 3 – 7pm Gledholt Methodist Church, Edgerton Grove Road


Thurs 28 June 3 – 7pm Gledholt Methodist Church, Edgerton Grove Road


Friday 29 June 3 – 7pm Church of Latter-day Saints, Halifax Road

Why are you making changes?

The plans for the improvements are expected to relieve congestion, reduce journey times, improve air quality and make public transport more reliable. They have been developed partly in response to a survey with local residents last year, where reducing congestion was identified as the top priority for improving the A629, along with widening the roads.

Cabinet member for Economy and Infrastructure, Cllr Naheed Mather said:
“We know from talking to people who use this part of the A629 that these changes are really needed, and we’re glad that plans are progressing. This stage of the process is really important – we’re keen to hear what local people have to say about the detailed plans. Whilst we’ve spent a great deal of time developing these plans, it might be that someone spots an issue or an opportunity we hadn’t yet considered.

The survey is open to everyone and the drop in sessions are a great way to ask questions of the people responsible for planning the changes. Thousands of people use this part of the A629 every week, it’s important that they make their voices heard.”

The improvements centre around four key junctions along the route and include road widening and parking restrictions to add extra lanes and make traffic flow better. There are also plans for a new signal controlled left slip to bypass the roundabout for traffic travelling to the M62.

Joint portfolio holder Cllr Peter McBride said:

“Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to benefit from the changes which, if approved, would be complete by August 2021. We are already talking to residents and landowners who could be directly affected by the work, including people who are selling part of their land to us and those who live close to the places where new parking restrictions could be.”

More information

  • For more information about this scheme, and others in Kirklees that are being funded through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Fund visit our website.


  • Hi David, thanks very much for these comments – please can you take part in the survey if you haven’t already, so that they can form part of the report. Link is in the article, ^VH

  • Hello, we’ve got crews out filling potholes and doing other road repairs 5 days a week, which comes out of our budgets. This scheme we’re talking about here is much bigger than that and is being funded by West Yorkshire Combined Authority. So it’s important we progress with this scheme whilst the other repairs are going on – this scheme is not holding back the general road repairs. Hope that makes sense! ^VH

  • State of the roads all over Kirklees a disgrace and priority should be top of the list before any improvement scheme.

  • I believe that traffic flow through Ainley Top roundabout could be greatly improved with the use of intelligent traffic lights which monitor the traffic flow and react accordingly and not on a fixed cycle with a green light for one vehicle with a duration at which 10 cars could have passed through and miss out a green light if no vehicle is passing through. This roundabout is the root cause of excessive queuing on all the roads leading to it and needs changes.

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