Kirklees Council signs lighten up pledge

We have pledged to change all of our street lights to energy efficient LED ones within the next 5 years.

There are 52,000 streetlights in Kirklees and are well on our way to meeting the target, having already changed 21,000 street lights to LED in the last few years, we estimate that we will have completed the switch over by the end of 2021.

LED street lights are not only more energy efficient and longer lasting, they also improve light quality and make areas look more attractive and welcoming after dark. The old energy inefficient orange streetlights also create a polluting orange haze in the night sky.

The pledge is the brain child of 10:10 a charity which is dedicated to tackling climate change.  They are encouraging council’s from across the country to get on board with the change by signing up to the pledge or letting them know about how many street lights they have already changed.

Compared to conventional bulbs LEDs have demonstrated energy savings of up to 50-70%.  They can also last for over 20 years compared to conventional bulbs which last for 4-6 years, reducing waste and saving time and money on maintenance. It is estimated that the change will cut 5800 tonnes of carbon per year, the equivalent of removing 3790 cars from the road annually.

Musarrat Khan, former Cabinet Member for Corporate (Environment, Place & Customer Contact Services) and current Cabinet Member for Public Health signed the pledge. She said:

“Kirklees is committed to saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint where we can. The investment in LED streetlights not only reduces the carbon impact on the environment but has the additional advantage of making massive savings. This is a perfect example of investing to save.”

Cllr Graham Turner her cabinet colleague added:

“I am a member of the 10:10 group and fully support not only the Kirklees move to LED lighting but also the move nationally. By being publicly listed on 10:10’s website as having made this pledge, we can further demonstrate our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment whilst delivering high quality, efficient services to the people of Kirklees.”

Neil Jones, campaigner at 10:10 Climate Action said:

“Kirklees council deserve nothing but praise for taking the pledge to lighten up their streets with LEDs. In these tough financial times the money saved will make a real difference to people in the area. And the carbon cutting potential of LEDs makes this move a no brainer. That’s why we’re calling on more councils to follow Kirklees’s example and pledge to go LED by 2022.”

Want to know more?

10:10 Climate Action is a UK based charity that brings people together to take positive, practical action on climate change. They engage citizens and communities in finding solutions that benefit the climate as well as improving people’s lives today.

Need to report a broken streetlight?

You can report broken streetlights through the online portal or by calling 01484 414700.


  • I agree new street lights not fit for purpose.
    They continually put council tax up, and we do not get value for money.
    No consultation, council quite happy to put us back in into the dark ages. And plunge towns and cities into darkness hang your heads in shame for a useless money saving exercise.

  • The science is all over the internet. I have yet to find any research that supports this use of blue-white lighting. Or, if you want do your own empirical research, you can just go outside and look, The problem is obvious, although perhaps city-folk are blind to it.

  • This morning our lighting has changed from an orange to a l.e.d. light they are absolute rubbish. They not only bad for your eyes the light is dimmer. Energy efficient they might be, but are no good at all. Why should we pay our council tax when they dont care what they do and we dont have a say whether we agree with them or not.

  • These lights are being put on our streets illegally.There has been no consultation, before these lights were introduced.these lights are loaded with 5G weaponery, they will destroy your eyesight,give you depression and cancers.They should be removed forthwith.The people in the council who are installing these will face a humanitarian enquiry, in a court of law.

  • What is this science that you are referring to that is ‘clear’?

  • The new LEDs offer a far better quality of lighting in terms of colour rendition. They will reduce council expenditure through reduced electricity bills and maintenance costsbdue to their longer life.
    Those dismal orange sodium lamps can’t be replaced soon enough as far as I’m concerned.
    We need more solutions like this to have any chance of getting to zero net carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 (or sooner)

  • Totally agree that the new lights are a joke, not even made aware they were being changed so the 1st night we thought there must be a thick fog due to the very light grey hue outside. Houses in a corner not directly by a lamp are in complete darkness.

  • If they fit one outside my house I will try to disable it. This is social and environmental vandalism. We must complain and keep complaining until councils start to take into account the views of residents before making these catastrophic decisions. The science is clear and public opinion is well-documented. Councils have no excuse for ruining our lives and lived-environemtn in this way. They should be profoundly embarrassed, and perhaps they should prepare themselves for the health-retaed law-suits that are bound to become a regular feature of life in the street-lighting departments of local councils. . . . . . .

  • Totally agree with Mrs Armitage. Had our lights replace today. They are not fit for purpose. Might as well turn them off altogether and rely on the moon for what good they do at lighting our street. Typical penny wise & pound foolish attitude by Kirklees. Incidentally, the work was carried out on a Sat morning, believe it or not! Can’t be that urgent!

  • We have recently had our street lights changed to the new style led ones and what a waste of time they are. Although I wholeheartedly agree with saving money and the planet, we now have pockets of complete darkness whereas previously the whole street had at least some lighting. Both myself and some of my neighbours have all agreed now that we will be far less likely to venture out after dusk due to lack of proper lighting. In this day and age saving money is great but really should not be at the expense of safety.

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