Nariman’s Story

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This is one in a series of articles featuring the real life stories of refugees who are now living in Kirklees.

These stories give an insight into the struggles that those seeking a life away from persecution go through and are a powerful reminder of how much we take for granted.

Nariman’s story

Everything was alright until the war started then all life changed – not only for me but for most people in my country.

The war started just as my children were starting to build their future and going to university.

It was October 2013 when our lives changed; that was the month when my brother-in-law’s daughter, Dunya, was killed by a sniper when she was waiting for her bus. We had bad times after that, I cried and cried and couldn’t sleep for many nights. My children were upset and we were in a bad situation. It was terrible – like a horror film.

Every day we heard bad news about the numbers of people who were killed by explosions that were everywhere. We were living in difficult times so the electricity was only on every three hours; it was on for three hours and then we lost it for three hours and so on.

When the sun set, we couldn’t go out for fear of our lives because there were so many armed groups. So, I stopped sending my children to university for an indefinite time. I worried so much about their lives with no work, or study or chance of a good future.

We decided to leave our country and go to Turkey and then to England where some of my family were already living. I came to England with my daughter but unfortunately had to leave my son in Turkey because we didn’t have enough money to travel here together. We had a long and difficult journey. When we arrived in England I got help from my family, my brother and sisters.

It was difficult at first for me to live in England without speaking English but I got help from some English people later. Now I have some nice and kind English friends like Jean who reminds me of my mum. I hope my son will be able to come to England because I worry about him all the time. But now I am happy because I am in a safe place and I have new friends from different countries. Always, there are good people around this world.

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