Bin strike in Kirklees – how it will affect you

Bin strike

UPDATE as of 14.00 Friday 6 July

Please read our latest post on Kirklees Together to learn how we are catching up on collections in the area.

UPDATE as of 11.45 Wednesday 4 July

We now have clearer info on the bins – HD and HX postcodes in Kirklees will have no bin collection until after the strike – the last day of the strike is expected to be Mon 9 July. If you are in WF or BD please put your bin out as normal and we will do our best to collect it. We will share more information as we have it.

UPDATE as of 16.45 Tuesday 3 July

Unfortunately the situation in Huddersfield and South Kirklees has changed from what we had expected, and as a result we are now unable to collect any bins during the strike despite our best efforts. Bins missed will be collected on their next scheduled collection date – please do not report them as missed. We apologise for this.  If you live in North Kirklees, please put your bin out as normal, we have less crews on strike in that area and today managed 95% of the collections.

Bin strike in Kirklees – how it will affect you

Some of our bin collection staff are taking part in industrial action from the start of Tuesday 3 July until the end of Monday 9 July. This means that in some areas we won’t have enough staff to be able to run a normal bin collection service. Please see below for how this affects you.

Will my bin still be collected?

In some areas we will be able to collect bins as normal, but others will have to go without a collection during the strike, unfortunately we can’t avoid this. If you live in Dewsbury, Batley or elsewhere in North Kirklees please put your bin out as normal as we are attempting to run a normal service. In Huddersfield and South Kirklees (postcodes mentioned above in the update) we are unable to collect any bins until the strike is over.

What if my bin is missed when it should have been collected?

If we accidentally miss your bin during the strike then unfortunately we won’t be able to collect it until the next scheduled collection day. This is because we won’t have enough staff to send back round. Please don’t report a bin as missed during the strike action.

What if I have extra rubbish after the strike?

If you want to get rid of your waste or recycling before your next scheduled collection day, please take it to a Household Waste and Recycling site. Please note, the Huddersfield site on Emerald Street will be closed for a few days during the strike, see below for details.

Why is the tip in Huddersfield closed?

Unfortunately we need to close the Household Waste and Recycling site in Huddersfield for the weekdays during the strike. This is so that we can provide our crews with an alternative route to empty the wagons, and keep disruption to bin collections to a minimum. We can’t keep the site open to the public whilst we do this, so regrettably it will be closed on the following days:
Tuesday 3 July, Wednesday 4 July, Thursday 5 July, Friday 6 July and Monday 9 July. We will open as normal on the weekend, and once the strike is over.

Are any other services affected?

We are sorry to report that we won’t be able to do bulky and garden waste collection during the strike and we may need to operate a reduced service for trade waste.

For trade waste, we are prioritising customers who have the highest numbers of collections – if you have a trade waste collection, please plan to allow us access as usual (particularly if you have access gates).

We are hoping that bin delivery and street cleaning will be unaffected.

Why are the bin crews on strike?

The strike is by Unison members regarding two issues. The first is allegations of bullying/harassment. The second is regarding annual leave where some employees feel they have been unable to take leave in the past, building up a backlog of leave which they say they are still unable to take. We take these concerns seriously and an investigation is ongoing. We have put an offer to the trade unions regarding the leave issue.

We thank you for your patience during this time, be assured we are doing all we can to keep disruption to a minimum.


  • My postcode is not on the list but my bin was not emptied yesterday?

    • Hi Dawn. Our article has been updated to reflect the latest update on our bins. Thanks ^MY

    • I have not had either bin collected for 6weeks. It’s an outrage. Please arrange for the of piste collection van to come and empty the three houses at hades Farm.

  • Will it be grey or green bins next weds after the strike ?

  • I live in Birkby and today, Wednesday,4-7-18 is supposed to be collection day. As I look on the site it says there is a strike for my area St Johns road for grey Bins. If so why did the bin wagon come on the back lane stop outside my house without taking anybodie’s bins then move off again???

  • Can I take my grey bin to the tip to empty? Just moved house and it’s been left rammed by the previous occupants.

  • Hi Kirklees

    As I am paying for a service that you are unable to provide because of the strike action, would I be able to request a refund of the relevant portion of my Council Tax paid to you for your failed service?

    • Hi Omar, council tax won’t be refunded. Thanks ^MY

      • Tom Westmoreland

        My window cleaner wouldn’t expect payment if he missed me. Council tax is expensive and not good value

      • Let’s not pay council tax for a month then and see what Kirklees council do when faced with angry residents

  • So it’s hot weather, grey bins are full & you can only take items to the tip if you have a car. Are the council going to be removing, free of charge & quickly, any unwanted pests that may take up residence due to bins not being emptied for 4 weeks??

    • Hi Gemma, thanks for your question. We will take properly bagged bags where possible. Thanks ^MY

  • If no bins are being collected, why can’t the Huddersfield tip be opened.

    • Unfortunately we need to close the Household Waste and Recycling site in Huddersfield for the weekdays during the strike. This is so that we can provide our crews with an alternative route to empty the wagons, and keep disruption to bin collections to a minimum. We can’t keep the site open to the public whilst we do this. We have still been doing our best to provide a service – thanks ^MY

  • Tell your bin men too be thankfull they have well paid jobs with holidays , sick pay and good pensions, in the public sector so be grateful and get back too work . I pay enough council tax .

  • Marley McKenna

    This is ridiculous, this is one of the main reasons to pay council tax! This service is a nescesity and is paid for. “We are sorry” isn’t good enough.

  • My bin was not emptied yesterday. I thought my council tax covered this, strike or no strike. So can I expect a refund on my council tax for my non emptied bin?

  • We are now in our fifth week of NO BINS BEING EMPTIED in Golcar and Longwood. Would appreciate some information and explanation before the rats arrive.

  • Now that the strike is over, could you please update your site on what bins should be put out this week. It is obviously the grey bins but as they were put out last week to counter the strike action, the green bins are now overflowing. So is it grey again or put both out and hope for the best?

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