All unclassified roads in Kirklees to be surveyed

Over the next 8 weeks you may notice surveying vehicles on streets close to your home. The vehicles will have ‘Highway Surveyors’ on their sides and have been brought in to survey the condition of all unclassified roads, so that the we can make plans on where and what investment will be required in the future. The surveys will be carried out from two slow moving vehicles. They will work 7 days a week from 6 am.

So what is an unclassified road?

All adopted streets fall into four categories. ‘A’ roads are the highest class made up of the busier roads like the A62, which connect larger towns or lead onto motorways. B and C classification roads connect to A roads and smaller towns and villages.

Unclassified roads make up the rest, which is about 77% of the total adopted road network in Kirklees. On an ordinance survey map A, B and C roads are red/green, brown and yellow, unclassified roads are uncoloured.

When do we usually check unclassified roads?

The council usually checks unclassified roads on a rolling programme over 4 years, however this year due to the bad weather over winter we are checking the whole network.

What will we do with the information?

The survey will give up to date information on the entire unclassified network across the district at a single point in time. This helps us to carry out a fair comparison of the condition of all unclassified roads. We will use this information to create lists, which will feed into the annual programme of repairs, taking account of the budget that is available.

What about then rest of the roads?

Classified A, B, and C roads will continue to be surveyed using a different method and at a different time.


  • Since 2009 I have tried to get our road resurfaced. Will not hold my breath with this surveying.

  • What about some attention for unadopted roads where there is a serious deterioration risking the health and safety of elderly and infirm residents in particular?

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