Catching up on bins after the strike

We’re expecting that the current bin strike will finish at the end of Monday 9 July. Like you, we want to make sure that grey bins that were not collected because of the strike are emptied as quickly as possible.

To do this, from Tuesday to Thursday next week we will be collecting grey bins only in Huddersfield and South Kirklees, even if green is due.

As North Kirklees was relatively unaffected by the strike, bin collections in most WF postcodes will continue as normal.

There are a few exceptions to this, please read on to find out more.

Which bin do I put out next week?

From Tuesday 10 July until the end of Monday 16 July: If you have a HD, HX or WF4 postcode please put your grey bin out on the day we are due to collect – even if green is due.

If you live in any other WF or BD please put out the bin that is due to be collected – your collections will continue from Monday as we do not expect the strike to affect your area.

We hope that all collections will return to normal the following week (starting Tuesday 17 July) but if this changes we will update this article.

Still not sure which bin to put out?

We’ve created a map to help. If where you live is shaded grey then put out your grey bin (even if it’s supposed to be a green bin day).

If where you live is shaded green then your green bin will be collected as normal.

Hybrid Map - with postcodes-1

Please click image to make it bigger.

Why are some parts of the district different to others?

We run our waste collection service from two depots – one in North Kirklees and one in South. This week we’ve had more staff on strike who work in the South Kirklees depot compared to the north, which is why that part of the district has had more disruption. Like with all industrial action we don’t know who will be taking part until it begins, which is why we have had to make changes to our plans as the week has gone on.

What about extra bags of waste?

Appropriately bagged household waste left next to your bin will be collected where possible.

What about bulky waste collections?

It is unlikely we will be able to collect bulky waste during the catch-up period, so please be aware that it may take longer than normal to collect items – for the latest timescales please check the website:


  • Hi,
    Our grey bin has been collected many times now but the green was scheduled for Wednesday this week (yesterday) and it has been left again! The green bin hasn’t been collected for over 4 weeks. It’s full now and is a potential health and safety hazard.
    Can you let us know when it will be collected please??
    HD3 3WG

  • Why can’t we all get a rebate for the value of missed bin services, as you owe many people for a service that was paid for, but clearly not provided

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