We are taking a hard line on BBQs and bonfires at local landmarks

Following the recent grass fires and the expectation of further hot weather, we have brought into force a public space protection order (PSPO) which bans fires, fireworks, sky lanterns and BBQs in council and national trust owned parks and open spaces, including Castle Hill.

From Saturday 7 July enforcement officers will be patrolling the area around Castle Hill and in other parks to make sure people are abiding by the rules, and anyone found to be lighting a fire will have it extinguished and be given a fixed penalty notice of £75.Image of PSPO sign

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“Bonfires and BBQs have always been banned in council parks and open spaces.  But the increased risk of fire and people continuing to ignore the signs means we have to enforce this for the safety of visitors, local residents and animals and other wildlife nearby.

Officers will also be looking out for people who drop litter, which is not only a disrespectful way to treat the natural environment but also a fire risk in itself

I would hope that no fines need to be issued, as I am sure most people who have seen the news will appreciate why we are taking a hard line.

I urge anyone visiting one or our fantastic parks and open spaces to please be respectful; don’t light fires and BBQs, or use Chinese lanterns or fireworks and leave the spaces as you found them by putting rubbish in a bin or taking it home with you.”

Residents are also asked to avoid leaving glass of any kind lying around as it can magnify the sun’s rays and cause a fire to start.

View the PSPO and maps of the areas covered.


  • I agree entirely allotment fire underway now at Hangingstone Road Berry Brow how do you get there number?

  • Anthony Bonser

    I agree with PSPO entirely. Litter and glass are a massive problem. People should put it in a litter bin or take it home for disposal. I have no respect for people that drop litter and they deserve a fine.

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