Don’t bin your Household Enquiry Form – here’s why

Dog with Household Enquiry Form

From the 17 July 2018 we will be sending out the Household Enquiry Forms to all homes in Kirklees.

Even if nothing has changed you DO need to respond.  It’s easy enough to let us know – you can do it online, by telephone, by text message or by post.

Why you need to let us know

If you don’t respond you may not be able to vote in elections.  It may also affect your chances of getting a mobile phone contract, a mortgage or even opening a bank account.

If there is anyone over 16 in the household who is not on the form, let us know, so that they won’t be missing out!

Individual Electoral Registration means that every individual is personally responsible for being on the electoral register.  Government rules mean you could be fined £1,000 if you don’t respond.

Do it early and help us save money, so we don’t have to send you costly reminders!

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  • Got the jist of it, but with such a diverse public with their own ideas of what you want and need, time and a person to speak to would get to a broader public.

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