Kirklees students improve residential home’s garden on NCS

14 young people from Kirklees, took part in a Dragon’s Den style panel. They pitched fundraising ideas to improve a local residential home’s garden. This was part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) experience. Their ideas included selling samosas, car washes and an ‘odd job’ day.

Why Dragon’s Den?

Dragon’s Den is one of the highlights of the NCS Phase 3: Social Action. The young people came in dressed to impress and waited nervously to present to the Dragon’s Den panel. This year NCS has been working alongside the council to encourage support on the programme and the ‘Dragons’ were mostly our staff.

Here’s what young people love about their social action projects:

One young person on NCS said:

“It’s changed my attitude towards a lot of things, knowing that I can make a difference, and change people’s lives.”

What happened once they got the money?

Once the Dragons had granted the budget, they got to work on the garden. Stripping the flowerbeds, digging up all the turf, trimming the trees, and clearing up any debris. They then laid down astroturf, planted pots of plants and put in some ornaments.

Now that the space is usable and easy to maintain, it is a place that the residents can finally be proud of.

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