Bid to bring rugby home

We’ve submitted a bid to bring rugby league home and attract games in both the men’s and women’s Rugby League World Cup.

If successful, there could be several games across the district during the 2021 tournament.

Bringing matches to the John Smiths

The bid aims to bring matches from the men’s game to the John Smith’s Stadium in Huddersfield, as well as a pool of women’s games – in Dewsbury and Batley.

The tournament organisers and governing body will now consider the bid alongside other competing bids from across the country.

Cabinet member for Health Cllr Musarrat Khan said that the key to our bid is a combination of heritage, experience and the involvement of communities. She added:

“When we looked at the tournament potential, we felt we could put an extremely strong and attractive offer together. This is the birthplace of rugby league, and we have vast experience of putting on big games, including major internationals.

But our clubs are also at the heart of their communities, and by involving all three of the Giants, the Rams and the Bulldogs, we will be able to focus heavily on attracting new fans to the game, as well as promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

And if people are tempted to take up the game, we have the amateur club infrastructure to help them.”

More information can be found on the Rugby League World Cup website.

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