New animal licensing regulations improve welfare standards for animals.

We will be enforcing new regulations that update minimum welfare standards in licensed establishments. This includes dog breeders, pet shops, stables, animal boarding establishments and animal exhibits such as zoos.

Improving animal welfare

Increased publicity around large puppy farms and businesses that breed dogs in poor conditions for maximum profit, has led to a call for tighter controls. One of these new controls is restricting a licensed breeder or pet seller from selling a puppy, kitten, ferret or rabbit which is under eight weeks old.

Any premises not currently licensed will be able to get information via the council website.

A copy of the new regulations can be found at

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet member for Enforcement said:

“As a nation of animal lovers, we all want to know that when we buy a pet that it has had the best start in life. These new regulations will go some way to making sure that their welfare is protected and our enforcement staff will be checking these establishments to make sure they are complying.

Anyone who witnesses something that they think could be affecting an animal’s welfare within a licenced establishment is encouraged to contact the Kirklees Animal Health team on 01484 22100.”



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  • Kelly Blocksidge

    is that it! Puppy farms should be shut down and breeders with poor conditions should be banned and even jailed.

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