Proposal for new hospital in Kirklees unveiled

Kirklees Health proposal

A proposal to build a new hospital for people across Kirklees has been unveiled by a cross party group of senior councillors.

Leaders of all four parties and the independent group in Kirklees have agreed on the proposal in response to plans from local NHS Clinical Commission Groups (CCGs) in Calderdale and Huddersfield, who are proposing a significant change to the services provides by Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust (CHFT).

Why are we offering an alternative proposal?

Our proposals also take into account recent and potential future changes in the provision of service in the north of Kirklees given the continuing pressures in that system.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said:

 “It is vital that the growing population in Kirklees has its health and social care needs properly reflected and planned for. As a Council, we are unanimous in believing this cannot be left to chance. The original proposals were all about structure, rather than plans designed for people. We can’t afford to allow the haemorrhaging of services from both Dewsbury and Huddersfield hospitals as is happening now.

“We have written to the Secretary of State and to NHS England to say that we believe a new hospital in Kirklees will reflect a plan for the district and ensure the best healthcare in the future, whilst retaining services that need to be delivered locally in Huddersfield and Dewsbury”

“I fully acknowledge that there’s much work to do in developing the details in consultation with all stakeholders after we had the assurances and commitment to fully fund local, accessible services from the Secretary of State for Health.”

What are our proposals

Party leaders are proposing:

  • Significant investment in prevention, staying well and helping people to manage their own health conditions effectively. This includes investment in primary and community health care services, social care and voluntary sector capacity, all of which have seen significantly less focus and investment than the acute hospital sector.
  • The development of a new hospital located in a suitable location between Huddersfield and Dewsbury to include full A+E services with the provision of critical care beds that will otherwise be lost entirely from Kirklees.
  • Embracing digital technology and other opportunities to genuinely provide care closer to or in people’s own homes.
  • A willingness from the Council to look at how it might be able to provide access to capital funding that supports this development.
  • That the exact configuration of services should be determined through a comprehensive review of all health and social care services and facilities across Kirklees including community provision
  • That there is continued investment in existing health facilities, given the long term nature of the proposal.

As part of the proposal, the current ‘A&E’ and emergency centres at Pinderfields and Calderdale would remain, with urgent treatment centres in Huddersfield and Dewsbury

The ‘A&E’ department within the new hospital would be staffed by senior clinicians 7 days a week and be able to assess and treat all patients other than those needing more specialist or regional services (unlike the original proposals from the NHS).

The new hospital would retain in Kirklees services that have recently been lost from North Kirklees and will, under current proposals, be lost from Huddersfield.  This removes the duplication and inefficiency that occurs from 2 separate trusts working independently from each other across multiple sites. Locally accessible services will be retained in Huddersfield and Dewsbury.

Why all leaders are backing this proposal

Conservative group leader, Cllr David Hall said:

“This is a long-term plan for a long-term solution and so we are under no illusions that this will take up to 10 years to implement.  Consequently, given the age of the current estate, intermediate investment will be needed in current sites but must be done in a way that supports the longer-term plan. However, we feel that investment should be planned on the best possible long term solution.”

Liberal Democrat group leader, Cllr John Lawson said there was a range of reasons why the current proposals to government are not appropriate.

He added: “If the CCG’s proposals go ahead we will be left with a plan based around a single organisation (CHFT) and not a health and care system. It would not fit with regional health policy to plan across a place, and does not encourage opportunities for integration between different organisations. However, we all appreciate the limited options they have given the crippling PFI position at Calderdale.”

Cllr Charles Greaves Independents Group Leader said:

“This proposal is focused on developing an integrated health service across the district. It will need all parts of the health and care system to take a step forward and to work in partnership to deliver it, and we will give it our full support. “

Green Party leader Cllr Andrew Cooper said:

“This is a pragmatic move by the Council to try to get some local control over the future of Health Services in our area. If we leave it to the CCGs and Central Government we could lose our A+E and other vital services. The consistent efforts of local campaigners to protect our services is amazing. To support them best we need to take the initiative and find a way to protect those services so many local people rely on.”

What happens next?

The councillors have now submitted their proposals to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, and to NHS England.

In the next six months, the proposal will be further developed to ensure it is a viable solution which considers in further detail the workforce, activity and financial picture, and that high level clinical assumptions and models of care are accurately understood.

Read the proposal


  • Having read all the comments posted by residents of Kirklees. My questions are mostly the same, money comes from? where to be situated? I live on the fringes of South Kirklees. We would have the same problems getting to hospital between Huddersfield and Dewsbury as going to Calderdale. All roads lead to disaster due to their infrastructure. Just hope I never need A&E. We have the Memorial Hospital in Holmfirth, it would be a good idea to bring that back into service for minor injuries.

  • once again the people of Huddersfield think they have priority over the the rest of Kirklees, I think the residents of the spen valley have been long forgotten in the council spending on the infrastructure of north kirklees, please just upgrade Dewsbury hospital if you just build a new hospital in Huddersfield the residents in north kirklees are liable to call for a referendum to reinstate the spen valley council we are sick to death of our rates being spent on stupid projects in Huddersfield.

  • When you read the document, you to have wait until section 5 before reaching the actual proposal itself, which can then be summarised in one sentence as “we would like a new hospital in North Kirklees”, and the Council will somehow find the money to pay for it, or at least help to raise “capital” for it but how and from what sources it knows not. The rest is mainly waffle..we will use digital technology etc..or just aspirational ..we want a healthy, thriving community and the rest.. well of course we do. As to the “unveiling”..the Council’s own headline.. there was no real substance beneath the veil after it was lifted. The Council is not qualified to provide it anyway.
    The Council prefers North Kirklees as a site for a new build, ignoring the potential loss of the HRI to Huddersfield – which really should have it’s own major up to date hospital – and which started the whole shooting match off anyway.
    The Council should stick to running those essential services that are funded by those who are required to pay their local taxes, and not pretend it has the resources and expertise to commission complex medical services.

  • Great to see cross-party political co-operation for the benefit of the people of Kirklees. Let’s hope that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care listens to local Councillors on this.

  • This is good news but what will happen to Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals? this will probably will not affect me but I have children and grand children and it is our concern for their healthcare that we must look to.

  • i would embrace the new “kirklees” hospital as long as it is NOT Huddersfield based. Everything seems to disappear from Spen & the surrounding areas & meaning further to travel for services which we used to enjoy locally.

  • Why is there any need to build a new hospital when we have Dewsbury hospital already.

  • This is a great idea as the existing situation is simply intolerable. I worked at Hri for many years and was of the opinion that the transfer form huddersfield to huddersfield and Calderdale nhs trust was bad for all but this is history and it’s important to go forward my firm belief is that the local authority area should be geographically the same as the nhs trust area so I would ask for the formation of Kirklees nhs trust with appropriate transfers of facilities from Calderdale and Huddersfield and also mid Yorks trust for Dewsbury this would be a massive benefit for all concerned ultimately reducing cost (magic concept) and improving service and care (better concept) the ability to reduce the number of agencies and to reduce confusion and duplication is evident. I am heartened at the wonderful pragmatism shown by the council and amazed that the nhs trust has been allowed to get this fr with its simply daft plans the cross party support shows that it’s an issue more important than rosette colour and my gratitude and good wishes are yours

  • As a GP in Mirfield from 1982 to 2012, and medical advisor to Locala until December 2016, I’m clearly aware of the need for a long term solution to health care needs in Kirklees.
    This proposal is exciting! I certainly support it, and would be very interested in getting involved if there are vacancies for lay voluntary advisors- I’m now retired, and my only drive is to improve local health provision for myself, my family, and the general population of Kirklees. Please keep me informed.

  • surely this proposal leaves the people of kirklees in a similar position to what was originally proposed one hospital less great expense to build new hospital and still greater hardship for people on the borders as they will be further away.from the facility. Plus the stupid proposal to send all emergency a&e patients to halifax. i hope that any deaths caused by the extra travel for these patients. Lets hope there is a rethink and sense prevails’

  • How is this to be funded

  • Glennis Harrison

    Sounds promising, but where to build ?

  • Initially the proposal is what is needed in Kirklees. However I am concerned that if this proposal is given the go ahead there are a number of points that will need taking into consideration for the long term and clarifying sooner rather than later

    1. Where it will be situated (usually it is more in favour of Huddersfield) I know it stated somewhere between Huddersfield and Dewsbury but where exactly?

    2. In the space of the next 10 years the population will probably treble maybe even quadruple at the current rate of immigrants coming into the area, and also taking into account the birthrate.

    3. I have attended Dewsbury A & E numerous times over the last 30 years with my daughter, the most recent being 2 weeks ago and the service we have received on most occasions has been excellent. That being said some of the ‘patients’ waiting were wasting valuable time and resources, because they have not been made aware of what is classed as an ’emergency’ and the public need educating in this. The medical staff are under pressure enough without having to deal with minor problems ( I do not say this without proof, only too often some of the reasons they are in A & E are laughable and common sense seems to have escaped people, for example I do not think nappy rash is an emergency). On more than one occasion I have heard ‘I do not understand’ maybe large posters in various languages may be a ‘good idea’ and before you say I am racist, nothing could be further from the truth. Just plain common sense is absent.

    4 Where the Hospital will be situated, parking must be taken into account, as well as more ‘Disabled Bays’. In Dewsbury they are pretty good by comparison to Pinderfields but again I say the population in 10 years time is going to far greater than now so a lot or forward thinking is needed

  • I think the proposal to build a new combined hospital by the relevant local councils and them have more control over our local health services, because if Central Government continue with the ongoing down grading and further of cutting of services at our local NHS hospitals for the local people/population the situation will only get worse ! As for funding/investment to build and run the new hospital and the ongoing maintenance of our existing local hospitals” Dewsbury and Huddersfield and also Pinderfields hospital” Which is indebt due to going down the crippling PFI white elephant road to fund/investment to build it etc.And.which the debt may never be payed off ! Mr M Maitland of Mirfield.

  • what don’t these people get ? we need a Huddersfield Hospital…

  • On the face of it, sound and sensible proposals; showing how health and social-care need to be viewed as one integrated service. Government seem unable to grasp this so these proposals may hit the buffers here.
    It will take some time to emerge in whatever form.

  • I am extremely pleased that the Council Members are proposing this hospital. It is about time politicians recognised that patients interests should come before the interests of the senior doctors and efficiencies. The unelected members of the Clinical Commissioning Groups in Kirklees and Calderdale do not represent the people and have clearly shown they do not have the interests of patients as their top priority. It is time the people who run our trusts are elected to those positions and have, and exercise authority over the CCGs. Well done Kirklees Council Members. Try yo keep cross party politics in all you do, it’s good for the community.

  • This is exactly what is needed following the depletion of services is Dewsbury and Huddersfield

  • Leave Huddersfield hospital alone and invest in its updating . As an ex Governor of the Trust, I am appalled at the ineptitude of its management team getting us into this position , the reason I resigned .

  • Please give me one good reason why the A & E has to close. Traveling to Halifax is a abserlut nightmare, don’t you think this is why there is a big outcry on this. A good sergeston if car parking is a problem put a second level on it. Please come back to me with a justified reason to close the A& E.

  • How will it be funded. Will it be free at first pint of delivery where is it to be built.

  • There is no mention of cost or where the money is coming from????

  • This is a commendably brave proposal. and a challenge to Mr Hancock. Regrettably his first question to NHS England will be, ‘Where on earth is Kirklees?’ – and they will not have clue either. So good luck!

  • It is an excellent proposal to build a hospital for Kirklees. I suggest it will be very good for social cohesion and the self concept of the Kirklees community at large.

    A strong outcome for cross party cooperation


  • Best idea ever. People of Kirklees deserve their own hospital. Going & getting to Pinderfields is
    difficult .

  • Leave hudds hri as it is with the population the size of hudds p!us a very large university with over 20.000 students we need a hospital in our town


    What a load of Bollocks. Yet more bullshit to boost egos and save face for the farce of the old proposals that were totally discredited. What a bunch of #######

  • In view of recent changes this quite simply common sense, if the gov will leave them alone to get on with it.

  • The main centres of population in Kirklees and Calderdale are Huddersfield, Halifax and Dewsury. Existing modern hospitals are currently in place in Halifax and Dewsbury. Therefore the new hospital proposed should be built squarely in the centre of the greater Huddersfield area of South Kirklees and NOT somewhere between Huddersfield and Dewsbury with the aim of providing additional services to North Kirklees.

  • In plain English this means? Do we loose HRI ? Will the existing Hospital be demolished before the proposed hospital is built? Who will finance the new hospital? Will PFI be from the same lenders as Calderdale? Clarification please.

  • This is the best news I have had for a very long time, since Dewsbury was moved from the Kirklees area into the Wakefield area, I hope it comes to fruition. Good luck. Fantastic news,

  • Due to the now discovered pifalls of PFI, it has to be asked, where is the money coming from? Who is paying for the professional fees for the model workup and business case preparation?

  • I my wife along with our parent’s will no doubt need hospital care including A&E in the near future – But so will thousands of others in Kirklees – My concern is what happens then ?? Pinderfields and Pontefract are well overstretched now and can’t cope with the number of people they have to care for – utilze car parking spaces in existing hospital grounds / demand planning applications are granted and extend existing A&E departments instead of spending millions on a brand new hospital that may take 10 year to complete – Remind me please how much revenue comes from poll tax in Kirklees per annum.

  • It needs to be in Huddersfield. On the site of the original. I don’t want to travel to bloudy Dewsbury

  • why spend millions on a new hospital when services could be upgraded back up at dews and hudds and use a smaller newer hospital for urgent treatment? New hospitals are required anyway as you say, for the ever growing population

  • Why between Huddersfield and Dewsbury? I though we we were dealing with Huddersfield Including the Holme and Colne Valleys and Calderdale including Todmorden. The people from Todmorden will still go to Haliffax. What about the people from Holmfirth?The best place for the hospital is Lindley, or better still near Huddersfield town centre. Dewbury should be tied in with Wakefield. Have the committee given even a single though to the travelling distances involved. No doubt many more people who need emergency treatment will be calling for an ambulance rather than a taxi. And the state of the roads!!? the whole idea beggars belief that it is some ways connected with rational thought.

  • Michael Washington

    Sounds like a most sensible solution to me!

  • If I can ask, where do the people from Colne Valley and Holme Valley go in case of an emergency, as Calderdale Hospital is nearly 30mins away and longer in peak hours and any other hospital is not reachable, if you have the hospital placed between Huddersfield and Dewsbury, this is too far also, you have to help us out here and for the safety of all, local A&E hubs might be a good idea

  • First class proposal. Wish it every success

  • I very much hope this new proposal goes ahead. We need a hospital in Kirklees. towing and frowing between Calderdale and HRI is distressing for everyone both patients and staff. So much valuable money must have been wasted over all this issue. Let’s get it right this time please.

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