Calling all changemakers – ‘It’s Up To You’

We have launched another round of our successful ‘It’s up to You’ funding programme.

Empowering communities

‘It’s Up To You’ encourages local individuals or community groups to suggest ideas they feel will make a real difference to their local area.

Ideas put forward should be about empowering communities, challenging prejudice and hate, sharing stories and common ground or celebrating and taking pride in the place you live.

Grants for the most popular ideas

People in these communities will be invited to an event where they can vote for the idea they want to see progress. The ones with the most votes will receive a grant of up to £100 for individuals, or £500 for groups to help make their plan a reality.

The programme aims to strengthen and develop existing community networks through citizen-led decision making.

Local ideas for local people

Examples of activities funded previously include allotments and gardening projects, activities for young people, events that bring people together in neighbourhoods, community events, day trips and visits to local places of interest, sports and healthy living projects and many more, all of which were devised and delivered by and for local people.

Cllr Naheed Mather cabinet member for Communities and Environment said:

 “Allowing people in our area or local groups to suggest an idea through It’s up to You has proven to be very successful and reaches a broader cross-section of our community than our more traditional approaches would.

The programme has also encouraged people who may not have previously got involved to be more active in community life – either by voting at an event or putting an idea forward and delivering a project.”

Get to know your local community

The council is inviting all community focused groups and individuals who are interested in applying for funding to ‘Meet your Neighbour’ events which are taking place across Kirklees in the coming weeks, the first will be at Northfield Hall on September 5. These events will be a chance find out about the process, discuss ideas with council staff and connect with other groups and individuals.

Be part of the change you want to see

The events are free but must be booked online. All attendees will be expected to do a two-minute introduction and there will be the opportunity to submit applications on the night.

Book now

Follow the link below to get involved and book your place.

Date Venue Time To book
11/09/2018 Dewsbury Library 11.00am–1.00pm Link
11/09/2018 Crosland Moor Community Centre 6.00pm–8.00pm Link
12/09/2018 DRAM Centre, Dalton 4.30pm–7.30pm Link
13/09/2018 Batley Library 5.30pm–7.30pm Link
17/09/2018 St Cuthbert’s Church 6.00pm–8.00pm Link
18/09/2018 Ravensthorpe Community Centre 11.00am–1.00pm Link
27/09/2018 Firth Park Pavilion, Heckmondwike 5.30pm–7.30pm Link


  • Absolutely shambolic process (Dewsbury Town Hall). I have seen better run high school raffles. Seeing people from groups openly and repeatedly getting stickers (such an “inspired” voting system) and affixing them to their own sheets for votes. Very little mind paid to what groups are actually putting forward. Essentially turned into a popularity contest, who could get the most friends down to put a sticker on a piece of paper.

    This should have been for people who GENUINELY care where the funding went. It should have been mandatory to have a scheduled start time, a process for all parties to put their pitch forward, and then private voting (to avoid voting tactically) by those who clearly cared enough to be there for the whole process.

    More over, it would force people who want the funding to put some thought and effort into their pitch. I saw groups who hadn’t even brought any material or even bothered to fill out the sheet saying what they were there for. But they had a load of mates come down and put those stickers down so it’s all good, yeh?

    Would have been a complete waste of time if not making contact with a few genuine people who were interested in the group who could be helped, which should be the goal anyway. If 2 or 3 people have someone/somewhere to turn to cos a few hours of our time was wasted on this farce, at least it wasn’t all in vain.

  • This has proven to be a divisive process in our area of Ashbrow. Groups leaders put on the spot on the evening to pitch for money. Eighteen groups all worthy and doing great work in the community 10 groups selected so 8 were badly let down. Not a triumph for Community Cohesion as the event was pitched. It has proved to be the exact opposite. Left a bad feeling amongst the groups left out and the winners feeling guilty and apologetic, even embarrassed to have gained the cash at the expense of friends and colleagues struggling to make a difference in their areas of good works. On the evening it was voted that the entirety of the cash be split equally amongst participants on the night and overwhelmingly approved as rhe fairest option. However the powers that be rejected this leaving many let down and deflated. It is hard enough at times to perseverance in these austere times with no money but this has been a terrible blow.

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