Starting University in Huddersfield? Welcome to town!

St George's Square

Welcome to Huddersfield! Whether you’re back for another year or you’ve just moved here – welcome to our town, we’re very glad to have you.

So you’ve moved to Huddersfield and that makes you a resident of Kirklees – we’re the council that looks after this area and we have 4 things we want you to know. We can’t promise that they’re all amazingly exciting and some of them involve a bit of admin, but they’re all important things now you’re living on your own.

If you’re living in halls this year then you only need to read numbers 3 and 4.

1.We love your rubbish

If you’re living in private accommodation ( a house or flat share for example) then you’ll have green and grey bins outside. Each colour gets emptied once a fortnight – but someone needs to put it out on the street the day we’re coming or else it will stay full. The easiest way to remember is to sign up for a bin reminder and we’ll email you every week and tell you which colour bin to put out.

Whilst we’re talking about rubbish, the green bin is for recycling and the grey is for general rubbish. The clip below tells you in 32 seconds what can go in your green bin, please don’t put anything else in it or there’s a chance it won’t be taken (and no one wants a stinky bin by their front door).

Your grey bin is for general rubbish and if you ever find yourself needing to get rid of anything big or very heavy please check out our Recycling A-Z to find out what to do with it.

2. We won’t charge you council tax

If everyone in your house is a full time student then you don’t need to pay council tax – hurrah! If you’re living in halls then you don’t need to do anything. But if you’re renting elsewhere then we need some details so we can make sure you don’t get a bill. Please fill in the form on our website – you’ll need your local address, landlords details, course details and student/enrolment number to hand. You still need to fill the form in if you live in a house where some people are not students as you will probably qualify for a discount.

3. Now is the time to register to vote

Now you’re 18 or over you can vote in local and national elections – it’s your future and it’s your voice so make sure you have your say! Students can register to vote at both their term time address and their home address, so even if you’re registered at home you can register here so it’s easier to vote in May.  If you’ve just enrolled you will have been given the option of applying to register to vote as part of your online sign-up. If you haven’t applied yet, it takes around 5 minutes to register to vote online and you can also find out who can register too.

You can also check out Kirklees Democracy to find out more about our local democracy, including what councillors do and how to get involved in local activities and events.

4. Most students do need a TV licence

We are not in charge of TV licences but we know it’s a question that often gets asked, so here’s the answer briefly. You need a licence if you:

Please visit the TV Licensing website for all the details.

Now, go and enjoy Huddersfield!

So now the admin is done, enjoy getting to know our town! The University website has some great info about exploring Huddersfield so check it out, and if you’re a fan of arts and creative events head to our Creative Kirklees website for ideas of things to do and see.


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