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It’s Recycle Week and one of the things we’re keen to help people do is reduce food waste at home and save money in the process.

Earlier this year we held a Feed the 1,000 event at Greenhead Park where over 500 people pledged to put an end to their food waste. So far we’ve helped over 400 people do just that, with free workshops about meal planning, storing food correctly and reducing portion sizes. We are offering these workshops for a little bit longer, so if you’re interested in us coming to your group please email us for more information.

In the meantime check out our top five more grub for less dough tips.

  1. Make a list and help save the planet

It sounds a bit dull but it pays to be organised before you go shopping. Making a shopping list means you buy the things you actually need, saving money and reducing the amount of wasted food. Plus if you’re buying less, there’s less packaging involved too.

Have a think about what meals you’re likely to cook, have a good rummage in your cupboards to see what you’ve already got hidden away and then put pen to paper (or fingers to phone if you prefer). Watch our clip below for tips and ideas, and the Love Food Hate Waste website has more tips and advice.

  1. Too much on my plate

We’re a nation of food lovers – as our growing portion sizes prove. But nearly 30% of bins in Kirklees contain food that could have been eaten.

So, if you’re a bit heavy-handed when it comes to dishing-up check out this portion planner for how much food each person actually needs. Could it be less than you think?

  1. Love your left-overs

So you’ve made a list, and reduced your portion sizes, but you still have left-overs. Contrary to belief, you don’t have to be Mary Berry to make a new meal from an old one. And if we were to tell you that the average family could save up to £700 a year simply by throwing away less food, it’s certainly worth putting your pinny back on again.

There’s lots of yummy left-over recipes around and the best thing is, by being creative your family and friends will think you’re a food guru and you can post some fantastic-foodie insta pics that’ll make Mary jealous!

  1. The freezer is your friend

It’s the thing in your kitchen that does its job quietly and tends to get overlooked. But your freezer can save a fortune and make your life a lot easier too.

Portion your food up and freeze it for a quick go-to meal after a long day, or bag left overs to use later. Frozen fruit and veg is also a fab, fast idea to add to meals and helps to save some of the 13.5 billion ‘5 a day’ portions we throw away each year in the UK.

Make sure you know what you can safely freeze, for example, did you know you can freeze hard cheese and fresh herbs? Our video has some great tips.

  1. It’s all in store

Storing food properly is key to keeping it fresher for longer and luckily there’s some easy steps you can take to do this.

Check your fridge and freezer are both set to the right temperatures. Research shows that up to 70% of our fridges are too warm, meaning food won’t last as long as it could.

Your fridge should be between 0 – 5 degrees C

Also make sure you know what the symbols on food packaging mean as they’re a good guidance to how to store the food properly. A common misunderstanding is the difference between date labels like ‘best before’, ‘use by’ and ‘display until’. Get more tips like this from the Love Food, Hate Waste website – and share them with friends and family to help them out too.

And finally…get money off compost products

The best way to get rid of fruit and veg peel and leftovers is to compost them, you can use a compost bin for your garden waste too. We’ve teamed up with Kirklees Get Composting to provide reduced priced environmental products such as home compost bins, water butts, wormeries, kitchen caddies and liners.

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