5 ways to reduce the damage of plastics in Kirklees

Plastic waste, with recycling symbol

It’s hard to avoid plastic, but we can all do our bit to reduce what we use and recycle or re-use what we need to. Here in Kirklees some plastics can be recycled from your green bin, but not all.*

Read on for our top 5 tips.

    1. Recycle all types of plastic bottles in the green bin – yes that includes, bleach bottles, kitchen washing up liquid bottles, drink bottles (water, pop, etc) and all plastic bottles from the bathroom (shampoo, shower gel). This is the easiest way to recycle plastic in Kirklees so if you’re getting this right then you’re well on your way to helping.This video tells you which plastics to put in, please help us spread the word by sharing this clip on social media.
    2. Plastic pots, tubs and trays – are perfect fuel for the Kirklees incinerator – just place them in your grey bin. They will be converted into energy and become electricity that powers the recycling plant and more.
    3. Take a 2 minute detour round the car park when you’re next in a supermarket, lots of them have recycling banks for pots, tubs and trays if you’d prefer to recycle them.
    4. Recycle hard plastics at  the Household Waste and Recycling Centre on Bent Ley Road at Meltham and Weaving Lane, Thornhill, Dewsbury – handy for old washing up tubs, broken plastic toys, rigid plastic containers.
    5. And finally keep using bags for life or re-using plastic bags. Stats show that the 7 main supermarkets issued around 83% less plastic bags in the years following the plastic bag charge – great work!

*the type of plastic we can recycle from the green bin is down to the recycling methods we use. We are always looking into new ideas and options and in the future hope to add to the list for the green bin.


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