Flytipping in Kirklees – your questions answered

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If you’ve driven around the chances are you’ll have spotted some fly tipping. Grass verges, local beauty spots, even quiet streets – some people are selfishly dumping their rubbish instead of getting rid of it the right way.

We know you’re as cross as we are about flytipping – we’re working more and more with responsible people like you to make sure people who do it are caught. But who’s doing it and what’s happening to them? We answer your top questions below. Please help us in our fight against it by sharing this article using the buttons above.

Flytipping – a definition
Dumping unwanted things on land that isn’t yours, or out on the street is classed as flytipping, including grass cuttings and other garden waste. Anything less than a bag full we would usually treat as littering.

1. What happens to people who flytip?

Flytipping is a serious offence which, if prosecuted through the courts, can end with a fine of up to £50,000 or a prison sentence. In some cases we issue a fixed penalty notice for £400 which has to be paid within 14 days.  Anyone who refuses to pay the fixed penalty is then at risk of further legal action by the council.

In the last 18 months we’ve issued 25 Fixed Penalty Notices for flytipping and prosecuted 3 people. The most recent prosecution was a local man who was running a waste removal business – people were paying him to collect their waste and he was dumping it on public land.

2. If I pay for someone to get rid of my waste, surely it’s their problem how they get rid of it?

Legally, we’re all responsible for making sure that rubbish from our homes is disposed of properly.  This means that, as a householder, you must take care if you give your waste to someone else because if it ends up flytipped then it is still your responsibility. We know that it’s sometimes easier to pay someone to take away your stuff if you can’t recycle it or take it to the Household Waste Recycling Centre yourself.   BUT, you need to make sure the person taking it away is licensed to carry waste and that they will dispose of it legally. Luckily this isn’t too hard to do – watch this video below.

We also offer a bulky waste collection for a small charge.

3. People keep flytipping in the same places, why don’t you do something about it?

Kirklees is a big area and we can’t be everywhere at once, but we catch people through a combination of CCTV and other evidence from the scene. One of the best ways for us to successfully catch people is by using information from local residents or passers-by.   If you see someone flytipping please tell u. This is the information that is most useful:

  • Where and when it happened
  • What was tipped
  • The registration of any vehicle involved
  • Any premises which the flytipper came out of or went into
  • A description of the person (s) who were tipping. Please report this on our website.

4. Why do you clear some flytipping and not others?

The person who owns or occupies the land that the flytipping is on is responsible for removing it, even if they weren’t the ones who put it there.  This means that we have a duty to remove waste from council-owned land and adopted highways.  Some of the flytipping you see might be on private land and we can contact the landowner to make them aware of their duty to keep their land clean.

5. People flytip because the council has made it so hard to get rid of our rubbish – why have you done this?

We introduced permits for household waste and recycling centres in 2016 because they were being used illegally by tradespeople who should be paying to get rid of their rubbish in a different way. We’ve saved money in waste removal by doing this, and it takes less than 5 minutes to apply for a permit online. Over 90,000 people in Kirklees have a valid permit and the vast majority can make unlimited visits; it’s only trailers and very large vehicles that we have to restrict. There are some things that are less easy to get rid of so we’ve got a handy A-Z of what goes where  on our website to help you out.

With all this in mind we feel as though people using the council as an excuse for dumping sofas, fridges and bags of rubbish is unfair. Everyone wants to live somewhere clean and pleasant – let’s all work together to make this happen.


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