‘THE GAME’ comes to Huddersfield Art Gallery

Football Photographer Stuart​ Roy Clarke​ has returned to Huddersfield Art Gallery, after 25 years with his photographic exhibition ‘THE GAME’. 

What will I get to see?

During the 1990s, Clarke made thousands of trips to football matches. He took photos of the crowd and the grounds themselves. He focused on ordinary football supporters, rather than the more ‘glamorous’ side of the game. Clarke was also the only official photographer for The Football Trust from 1991 and its successor The Football Foundation until 2005.

The photos cover his experiences of the beautiful game from 1990 and 2018. In 2018 Clarke drove single-handedly from England to Russia for the World Cup (13,000 miles in all).

Where have photo’s by Clarke been featured?

In 2018 Clarke appeared on BBC’s The Premier League Show and his pictures played out Newsnight.  In August after the World Cup be became the first solo photographer to appear on the cover of prestigious French magazine L’Equipe with the heading ‘This Is England’.

The game

THE GAME (The Homes of Football) runs until January 5 2019, and admission is free.

The book THE GAME is on international release.

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