Updated plans for A629 following feedback

New developments for the A629 Halifax Road in Huddersfield are being pushed forward, after engaging with residents on our suggestions.

What’s happened so far?

In June 2018 people were invited to comment on our proposals to…

  • ease congestion
  • reduce journey
  • and improve air quality

…on the part of the road which runs between Ainley Top and Huddersfield town centre.

This proposal is phase 5 of a series of major road improvement that also involve our neighbours, Calderdale Council, too. The plans concentrate on four locations along the A629:

  • Blacker Road junction
  • Cavalry Arms junction
  • Prince Royd
  • and Ainley Top.

Map (1)

Who’s helped shape our plans so far?

In early January 2018 we started talking with people who own land and/or live along the route about buying the land we need to make the improvements – these improvements included broadening the road in some places.

5,700 people shared their commuting experiences on the road and their views on our plans online, which was just one way people could have their say.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority, who carried out the consultation on our behalf, have now shared the results of the feedback and, although they were mainly supportive of them, this has resulted in some slight revisions to our plans.

What changes were made to the plans?

One revision has seen the reversal of the idea of the right turn ban from Edgerton Road onto Edgerton Grove Road following the lowest overall agreement (37%) of the suggestion.

Listening to concerns raised by local residents, the council has also proposed a reduction of the speed limit between the Cavalry Arms junction and Ainley Top from 40mph to 30mph to prevent speeding once congestion has been relieved. This would be subject to a Traffic Regulation Order consultation process.

Our cabinet members said…

Cllr Peter McBride, Cabinet member for Economy said:

“I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to have their say on our proposals and for the constructive feedback which has helped us slightly revise our proposals for the better.

The A629 is a vital route into Huddersfield, and whilst I appreciate any works can be inconvenient these are unavoidable if we are to create a better commute in the longer term. As well as saving travelling time, these changes will help to improve the air quality and create capacity to accommodate future housing and employment growth in Kirklees.”

What’s next for our plans for the A629?

The revised proposals will go to Cabinet on October 16 for approval to create detailed designs for tendering of the construction works.

When will we see changes?

If approved, the scheme is expected to be finished by 2021, saving the average tea-time commuter almost 15 minutes journey time from the Cavalry Arms junction northbound to Ainley Top.

Thanks to our partners

The package of major road improvements between Halifax and Huddersfield are being jointly delivered by Kirklees Council and Calderdale Council under the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund.

For details about the scheme visit the Major Schemes webpage.


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