Roadwork permit scheme saves over 1,500 days of disruption

Roadworks are essential but annoying and over the past 6 years we’ve been working to a new system which has dramatically reduced the disruption to your journeys.

The Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme was introduced in September 2012 with the aim of reducing the amount of delay and disruption caused by road and street works.

A recent report showed that over a three-year period we’ve been able to save 232 days of disruption by combining requests for the same road by different organisations (usually utilities or us, the council).

The report also shows that the average duration of works was 4.58 days, compared to 5.32 days before the scheme. In total, the changes to the process we use have saved 1,546 days of disruption.

The report has also found that more than 96% of scheduled roadworks started on time, helping to support informed journey choices and journey-time reliability. This means residents and commuters can confidently use the website to check if there are any roadworks planned in their area.

As a result of this scheme there are now 24% less customer enquiries related to street and road works compared to before it was introduced.

Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet member responsible for highways said:

“The result of this report demonstrates our commitment to minimising disruption for road users in Kirklees, the scheme allows us to put in place restrictions and look for ways to combine works so that the same stretch of road doesn’t need to be dug up for none-emergency works on more than one occasion”

Want to know more?

More information about the scheme can be found on our website. And if you want to know more about roadworks in Kirklees, read our ‘Your questions answered’ article.



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